John Hardy Launches Tiga Classic Chain: A Vintage Reissue

John Hardy is pleased to introduce Tiga Classic Chain as an evolution to the iconic Classic Chain® collection. While revisiting the origins of John Hardy, Creative Director Hollie Bonneville Barden discovered this triangular iteration of our signature Classic Chain, originally developed in the 1980s by our master artisans in Bali. Tiga Classic Chain returns with a modern pyramidal form that adds height to you stack and locks with a reimagined doubled-faceted clasp for women and men. Translating into the Balinese word for “three”, Tiga references the harmony of self, soul and nature – when aligned, they ignite a powerful force.

Inspired by the signature weave of our Classic Chain, this technique is descended directly from traditional Balinese chain-weaving, where women weave offerings of flowers for the gods as well as cloth and baskets as a part of daily life. Traditionally, weaving was an art that took place in the home, empowering women to bring prosperity to their families. To this day, our Classic Chain collection is still woven 100% by women. Artisan handcrafted every step of the way, the process begins with the creation of the wire itself, pulled through metal draw plates, and ending with the final process involving the precise hammering to achieve the sharp angles and signature pyramid shape.

The collection reaches pinnacle expression in our Fall 2019 campaign where both muses Penelope Cruz and Adwoa Aboah show their magnetic yet grounded spirits while highlighting the various offerings of this soulful evolution to Chain. Cruz combines the designs, pairing a bold, graphic Tiga Classic Chain bracelet stack with dramatic hoop earrings, while Aboah remains true to her signature aesthetic highlighting the new Tiga Classic Chain necklace layered with fine, gold Classic Chain® and a myriad of earrings.

Melding the past with the present, Tiga offers an angular interpretation of the John hardy archive in styles for both men in bracelets and women in a variety of bracelets, necklaces and rings.

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