Labuan Bajo Gets the Blessing of the G20 Side Meeting

The G20 activities centered in Bali are certain to have a large economic impact on the surrounding area, and Indonesia in general. Labuan Bajo is no exception, East Nusa Tenggara which has the opportunity to host the Side Meeting, which is a series of G20 activities. No less than 10 side meetings will be held in Labuan Bajo from May 2022 to November 2022.

Shana Fatina, President Director of BPOLBF (Executive Agency for the Labuan Bajo Flores Authority) explained that on paper the direct economic impact is predicted to reach USD 3 million and will circulate in Labuan Bajo and surrounding regencies.

“The calculation assumes that G20 tourists have seven times the purchasing power of tourists in general. Ten side meeting activities with approximately 800 participants multiplied by USD 2000. This is still a rough calculation, not to mention if there are participants who want to increase their stay,” said Shana Fatina during a media meeting in Labuan Bajo, NTT, Thursday (10/02/2022).

Therefore, continued Shana, BPOLBF, NTT Regional Government, NTT Regency Government, Kemenparekraf and relevant stakeholders joined hands determined to make the G20 side meeting event in Labuan Bajo a success. The key is collaboration of various parties, and also the active role of the community, of course.

Various preparations were made, from the availability of hotel rooms, infrastructure readiness to tour packages to various tourist destinations in Labuan Bajo and the surrounding regencies. Where is Labuan Bajo as a hub for other districts in Flores.

“We offer attractive tour packages so that the participant’s stay can be longer, besides that in some spots we also provide a place for the community to offer their creative products. Tourist attractions are also held in a number of places, of course with strict health protocols,” said Shana.

In the midst of this hope, the threat of a pandemic is certainly not an easy challenge. Therefore, the cooperation of various parties, including the community, will determine the success of this event.

“Strict health protocols are of course an obligation, besides that a travel bubble will be implemented for mutual safety. We hope this pandemic can decrease so that people can taste the sweet fruit of this activity, after tourism has been slumped for a long time due to the pandemic,” hoped Shana.


May 2022 : Tourism Working Group

27 June 2022 : 2nd seminar/workshop ECSWG (Enviroment and Climate Suitainability)

28-29 June 2022 : 2nd ECSWG meeting (Enviroment and Climate Suitainability)

20 July 2022 : 3rd DETF Meeting (Digital Economy Task Force)

21-22 July 2022 : 3rd DEFT Meeting (Digital Economy Task Force)

19-20 September 2022 : 3rd TIIWG Meeting (Trade, Investment and Industry Working Group Meeting).

21-23 September 2022 : TIIWG Meeting (Trade, Investment and Industry Ministerial Meeting)

21 September 2022 : Seminar (Finance Track)

22-23 September 2022 : 4th IFAWG (International Financial Architecture)

October 2022 (TBD): Tourism Ministerial Meeting (Site Visit)

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