Mamaka by Ovolo charity dinner successfully collects millions for Balinese Children’s Education Fund

On Friday, May 31st, 2024, the sands of Kuta Beach bore witness to an evening of generosity and goodwill as Mamaka by Ovolo hosted a charity dinner at Kuta Social Club. Themed “Fork it Over! Eat Good, Do Good, Feel Good,” this collaborative effort with the Bali Children Foundation aimed to bolster educational resources in remote Bali communities.

The event commenced with an atmosphere of warmth and anticipation as attendees gathered to embark on an exceptional culinary odyssey. Guided by the culinary talents of three remarkable chefs—Karl Doering, formerly of Lyle’s London; Dinda Weragati from Fivelements Ubud; and Ben Harrington from Kuta Social Klub—the evening unfolded with a symphony of flavors that both delighted palates and touched hearts.


Attendees were treated to a six-course feast of delicious dishes crafted by these culinary experts, each bite a symphony of flavors designed to please the palate. The evening was not only about delectable cuisine but also entertainment, with live music, DJ performances, and mesmerizing fire dances adding to the allure of the night.


Nicole Downs – Group Director, People & Performance at Ovolo Hotels, emphasized that the fundraising reflected the company’s commitment to the community, particularly to support the education sector in Bali. She stated, “This program is a good way to give back to the community, especially to ensure that Indonesia’s next generation have a better future.”


The highlight of the event was the exclusive silent auction, where all proceeds were directly channelled to the Bali Children Foundation for the improvement of school classroom facilities in remote areas of Bali. The total donation raised during the charity dinner amounted to more than expected which over 200 million rupiahs


All donations will be used for renovation of SDN 2 Sidetapa in North Bali. There are 6 classrooms accommodating 225 students. Out of these, 4 of the 6 classrooms need immediate renovation, due to collapsed roofs, damaged walls and floors, and other issues.


In addition to classroom infrastructure, donations will also be used to provide multimedia equipment. Furthermore, educational programs such as EdTech (literacy and numeracy skill building) for grade 1, English as a Foreign Language and project-based learning for students in grades 4 to 6 will be implemented.


This charity event is not the first. Previously, Mamaka by Ovolo supported the Bali Children’s Foundation’s social mission by organizing The Ovo-Walk 2023. The funds raised were used for the improvement of classrooms at SDN 3 Sidetapa in North Bali, provision of school supplies, and scholarships. This year, OVO WALK 2024 will once again be held in October.


“We will continue to participate in supporting BCF through OVO WALK 2024 in October, which is an annual event. We will also continue to implement the programs that have been carried out at SDN 3 Sidetapa for the 2024/2025 academic year. However, the primary focus now is the renovation of SDN 2 Sidetapa,” said Joel Bartlett, General Manager of Mamaka by Ovolo.


Meanwhile, Margaret Barry, Founder of the Bali Children Foundation, expressed her gratitude for the tremendous support and emphasized the importance of providing better education for Bali’s children. She stated, “It is crucial for these children to receive a better education so that they can also have a better future.”


This charity activity is proof of Mamaka by Ovolo’s concern for giving back to the community by supporting the education of the local Balinese community.

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