Megibung at Kunyit Restaurant, The Anvaya Beach Resort Bali

A signature dish from the ancient Balinese brings into modern way

The Anvaya Beach Resort Bali located on South Kuta Beach, is one of enduringly popular destinations. It’s also home to one of Bali’s best Indonesian and Balinese fine dining restaurant – Kunyit Restaurant. Kunyit means turmeric, one of the most key ingredients in Balinese cuisine. This restaurant offers authentic Indonesian and Balinese cuisine presented in an exciting, modern, and elegant way.

The restaurant is open daily for hotel guests and walk-in visitors with breakfast served from 6AM to 10AM, while lunch and dinner is served from 12AM to 11PM. Set in front of the hotel, the comfortable open-air restaurant features minimalistic classic Balinese interior décor with high ceiling, solid wood pillars and dominated by warm earthy tones with the Bali Aga influence. It has total capacity of 342 seats both indoor and outdoor.

When you find yourself sitting down in this high-end eatery, before start deciding what meals to have, the waitress will come to you and prepared the ceramic basin to have the traditional hand wash ritual. The water will pour in front of you while you rub your hand into it.

Anvaya Bali

There are many items on the menu with its extensive list for those who wish to sample the highlights of Balinese culinary art. Among these is “Megibung”, a signature dish set menu featuring traditional Balinese cuisine served from appetizer into dessert. Megibung set menu has two options with or without pork contain. Before the dish ready, as an appetizer I had a bowl full of shrimp crackers with fried chili, shallot and garlic sambal.

The dishes started with Cram Cam Ayam a Balinese clear chicken soup. Then a set of dishes served on one huge plate is Chicken Satay, Balinese Pork Satay, Grilled PrawnCrisp Pork BellyBe Siap Mepanggang Sambal Matah (Grilled Chicken with Sambal Matah), Pepes Ikan (Steam Fish wrapped in banana leaf), Urutan (Balinese Pork Sausages), Lawar Campur (Mix Balinese Vegetables).

Megibung Bali Aga (with pork)

On to heavier main dish, these all meat dishes spells flavorful tenderness and richness seasoning as well as Balinese cuisine characteristic. The delicious and succulent satay, urutan, crisp pork belly, and other dishes are accompanied by an amazing sambal matah made from shallot, chili, torch flowers, and coconut oil. It combined fresh, salty, and spicy flavors all at the same time in this Balinese hearty dish.

Following the tantalizing main course, for the next Balinese culinary journey here, Megibung set menu has bubur injin, fried banana with sesame seed, and cutting fruits as the local sweets as well as the dessert.

The elegant authentic setting, divine food and the exceptional service are perfectly complemented by Kunyit Restaurant with their Megibung signature dish.


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