Mercure Bali Legian Introduces Discover Local to enhance the local cultural experience

Every Mercure hotel is unique and a genuine invitation to discover local culture. The brand’s hotels tell the story of their destination with skill, style and authenticity, both in their welcoming décor and with menus inspired by regional specialties. Mercure is launching Discover Local, a hotel experience full of discoveries for locals and travelers alike!

With Discover Local, Mercure is offering travelers the chance to explore the region they are visiting in a totally authentic way and from three perspectives: food, beverage and craftsmanship. As such, Mercure offers a completely different way of exploring the world and the diversity of a region with passion, enthusiasm and ease.

Each Mercure hotel embraces local specialties and gives visitors and locals the opportunity to immerse themselves in the destination by offering regional produce and authentic experiences, whether traveling alone or in company.

Discover Local experiences are provided in collaboration with local craftspeople and are pre-selected by each hotel in line with specific local features. In this way, Mercure hotels throughout the world hold Local Days –whole days that are focused on gastronomy and craftsmanship, enabling as many people as possible, whether staying guests or not, the opportunity to experience each Mercure destination in a totally original and authentic way.

In Bali, Mercure Bali Legian held Local Day to delight inquisitive minds.
Celebrating its local cultural experiences, the participants will have the opportunity to explore the region’s heritage, culinary experiences, local culture, and local crafts. The event starts with essential activities in Bali which are cultural and local sightseeing around the hotel and Legian street following by the stories behind Ancak trees located in the hotel restaurant and learning how to cook Seafood Timbungan dish, Bali’s local ancient food as one of destination delights in Accor Indonesia Culinary Journey program.

After fulfilling the culinary curiosity with the traditional broiling and sizzling, Lavare Spa is the gate through the natural-traditional Balinese spa experience with Boreh Massage, a centuries-old healing technique using herbs and exotic spices used as a skin revitalization mask and body scrub to enjoy. After having your own soothing-tranquility moment, don’t forget to craft your own aromatherapy.

As the sun goes down, relax and chill in our Poole Bar & Lounge and discover the mixture of cocktails and mocktails with local ingredients such as Arak Bali, Brem mixed with local concoction such as cemcem, salak and Kintamani’s tangerine.

To end the delicate day, experience the moment night with Full Moon dinner, a special local celebration in which the Balinese believe, as the full moon rises, God is showering his blessings and magic on the people by offering his light, reminding them of their own light inside. A once a month dinner under the full moon to celebrate with all-you-can eat local Balinese buffet and other local drinks. Every full moon, Balinese people will dressed up in traditional attire as well as the participants and prepares “banten”- the offerings to God that will be put around the local temple and amicable local dance to close the dinner.

One memorable Local Day indeed.

Full Moon Dinner opens for public every month. For more information, please dial (0361) 9386100 or you can send email to

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