“Must Be” Moët & Chandon offers worldwide audiences an abundance of emotions that makes up some of life’s enjoyable moments, celebrated with a bottle of Moët & Chandon”

Moët & Chandon, the world’s most loved champagne, launches a new advertising campaign that celebrates a new communications platform for the French champagne house whose 275-year-old heritage and pioneering vision have, since 1743, redefined the art of celebrating life’s most memorable moments. MUST BE, the new tagline was introduced with new short-film directed by an award-winning French director, Emmanuel Cossu, at the “Must Be” exclusive soiree at Pelataran Ramayana.

The film depicted Moët & Chandon’s idea on how to redefine the art of celebrating life’s memorable moments. It opens with a “Big Bang,” a metaphor for the explosive launch of Moët & Chandon’s new “Must Be” campaign, and the onset of some intensely emotional moments about to unfold onscreen. The audience immediately deep-dives into a fast-paced voyage through the interwoven destinies of an ensemble cast whose paths cross as each character lives through a defining and powerful moment. The visual offers worldwide audiences an abundance of emotions that makes up some of life’s enjoyable moments, celebrated with a bottle of Moët & Chandon

A young father-to-be races through the glistening streets of Manhattan in the driving rain: his life is about to change as he runs breathlessly to meet his newborn child. He crosses paths with a group of elegantly-dressed revelers making their way to a glamorous party. Cut to Paris, where a young ballerina steps onto the stage, butterflies fluttering in her stomach, just as a group of millennials on a desert road trip arrives at a joyful celebration at sunset. Close-up on the enraptured face of a young female astronaut about to make history as she braces for a hard landing on Mars, moments before her foot marks a giant step for mankind on the red planet.

“In our life, we remember moments, not days. Either its heightened emotion, overwhelming pleasure, or simply of sheer happiness. Our new campaign encourages life-enthusiasts to mark their celebrated moments with Moët & Chandon. We are proud to bring our avant-garde touch to a campaign that reflects the values that have been at the core of Moët & Chandon’s noble heritage since 1743,” said Belinda Luis, Brand Manager – Champagne and Wines, Moet Hennessy Indonesia.

The launch was celebrated as the highly-anticipated annual party of glittering celebrations hosted by the champagne house known for its exceptional “savoir-fête” or celebration know- how. Guests were mesmerized with the digital-savvy approach of the looks and feel at the party. From the moment they welcomed with the teaser wall, then continued to the sensory wall to find a magical door leads to an extravagant carousel bar and was rewarded an exclusive access to Moët & Chandon vending machine. Black and gold bubbles dominated the most- talked party of the year.

Since its founding, Moët & Chandon has been a champagne of choice to celebrate historical moments or private moments of great personal importance. For each of life’s memorable moments, Moët & Chandon has a style of champagne that marks the moment and makes it a truly unique one.

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