“The Fusion of Glamorous Spirit”

After skipping two years without events and happenings, Bali is now slowly rising again tobecoming one of the best destinations in the world, remarked with the recent International G20 Summit event, which has helped the island to recover from the long-awaited uncertainty. Taking part in supporting Bali’s tourism and businesses in this recovery moment, MStyle is kicking off the 2023 with Fusion Fashion Bali 2023 event that showcasing the collaboration between local and international prominent fashion designerswith brand and community, in spectacular evening filled withinsights, beauty and glam.

Extending the success from Momento Group in Jakarta, focusing in event production, architecture design, consulting business, branding and activation, MStyle was launched in 2021 to provide distinctive Branding Marketing Communication services that focus on client’s unique values through customized communication and experiences. Since then, Momento Style has developed to focus in Trend & Lifestyle in the niche market. With the vision to build future brands for success in future market through trends, conceptual communications and strategic insights, MStyle turns compelling ideas into collective success.

“If I describe what MStyle is, it seems more appropriate to call it the bridge that combines two things, between the brand and its target market in particular in the high-end segment. MStyle has a vision to be the trendsetter to provide useful insights and personalized touch on every activation, which will make it unique and different.” said Muthia Andriaty Ruskandar as Founder & CEO of MStyle.

To celebrate the expansion of MStyle in Bali along with the uprising of high fashion in Indonesian market, MStyle catches the eyes and ears of the market and community to bring in the high-end brands such as Uluwatu Lace, Accanto by EspenSalberg and Je Suis Flirt to collaborate and meet its most potential business value in a special event called “Fusion Fashion” on Wednesday, 18 January 2023 at The Samaya Seminyak Resort. 
This award-winning resort features 52 private villas, each perfectly designed for couples, families and groups. Well-known for its lavish Samaya experience, which is rooted on traditional Balinese hospitality and the assurance of privacy within the luxurious compound, The Samaya Seminyak Resort is the perfect destination for a luxurious Bali’s holiday. “Samaya” which means “together” in the Sanskrit is aligned with the theme of the event, “Fusion” which means “blending and combination”. Makes the concept of MStyle event “Fusion Fashion Bali 2023” is blending as one harmony with this beautiful resort. 

Set in the stunning sunset view, the event starts with Balinese Modern Dance performance continues with ultimate talkshow experience about the trend and insights of Beauty, Lifestyle and Creative & Branding Communications.
Seen on the stage as the speakers; Founder & CEO of MStyle, Muthia Andriaty Ruskandar, Selly Rai Mantra who is known as one of the Balinese community leaders and also the trendsetter of the Balinese Endek cloth; and also dr. Kadek Dewitini Dipl.AAAM as a representative from the aesthetic industry in Bali. 

Fashion Fusion event is also supported by well-known brands such as Indonesian’s leading cosmetic brand “Make Over”, who also took part in the event to showcasing the guided make-up tips by its professional makeup artist. A cosmetic brand that was founded in 2010, Make Over strengthens the statement “Beyond Rules” by having the most complexion shared which fits for all skin colors and types, especially for Indonesian women. Make Over believes that everyone has the freedom to express themselves and show their uniqueness through makeup.

Make Over is the official makeup along with Rob Peetom Salon for the official hair stylist for the models in Fusion Fashion Bali 2023. In addition to the sponsors, Dilmah Tea also contributed to provide a special gift box for all the guests attending the event. Moreover, the pioneer in the Indonesian beauty industry, Miracle Aesthetic Clinic also takes part to support this event. Miracle Aesthetic Clinic invites everyone to embrace their own beauty and uniqueness, and date to appear by being the best version of themselves, which is in live with MStyle’s mission to empower women inside and out. 

Fusion Fashion Bali 2023 is also celebrated with beautiful performance from Indonesian leading singer, Shanty, well-known for its single “Oh Kasih”, and in the same time marking the return of her existence in the entertainment industry. 

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