September 2015 – Potret Doeloe’s photography sets are completed with novelties, antique furniture and old treasures evoking times of the past.  Potret Doeloe’s vintage photography experience stems from collaboration between Taman Bhagawan; a culturally inspired events venue, with Studione Sinten.  This photography setup and arrangement is a glimpse of long-ago Indonesian classic scenes.

Potret Doeloe at Taman Bhagawan allows guests to select the following photography scenes; Dapoer Jamu (Jamu Kitchen), Ruang Tamu (Living Room) or Rumah Nelayan (Fisherman’s Dwelling).  Each theme evokes different feelings and emotions, whilst capturing special moments of Indonesia’s bygone era.

In addition, each photography scene is furnished with trinkets and ornaments including antique masks, vintage telephone, old pitcher made of black clay, teapot sets on an old stove, even old-traditional music instruments such as flute and kendang, Indonesian drums and many more…

Potret Doeloe is simply a fun & entertaining way to create good old-fashioned memories.  Guests will have an opportunity to choose their favorites images, which will then be emailed to them.

Guests get to dress up in Indonesian vintage clothing as costumes that are adjusted according to the themes, a selection of outfits along with accessories and props are available to go with the look.

Potret Doeloe can be one of the most engaging leisure activities you can do together with your loved ones, families, couples, also for pre-weddings, corporate and larger groups. From the preparation, styling, even looking at the decorations to the photography session itself is absolutely entertaining and is recommended for people to experience a blast from the past.

Potret Doeloe is available on Saturdays first and third of each month. Reservations outside of the schedule time table is a must.

About Paon Doeloe Restaurant

Paon Doeloe is an enchanting restaurant with a Joglo structure. Named after Javanese traditional kitchen, Paon Doeloe is 30 minutes from Bali International Airport and nestled within the manicured grounds of Taman Bhagawan. Offering refreshing views to the infinite panoramic views of the blue sparkling ocean with the stunning white sand and lush tropical gardens, Paon Doeleoe showcases elegant colonial-style table settings and comfortable sittings. Open daily for lunch and dinner from 10am to 10pm, this tropical lifestyle facility promises leisurely hours spent soaking up the sun and evenings of sophistication enhanced by Indonesian and Asian fusion favourites. For a more intimate experience, enjoy a picnic-style dining experience with rustic bamboo mats and colorful cushions which are available across the lawn under the canopy of trees while enjoying the enchanting Javanese songs and the gentle breeze of the ocean and the magnificent backdrop of the majestic Mount Agung.

About Taman Bhagawan

Taman Bhagawan is located on a 100-meter stretch of Tanjung Benoa’s white sand beach just north of Nusa Dua, and is on the doorstep of many top hotels and prestigious resorts. It is a 20-minute car journey from the Bali International Ngurah Rai Airport and it’s only a 5-minute drive from Nusa Dua complex.

Sitting on 1.8 hectares of land, Taman Bhagawan is steeped in history and pays respectful homage to the craftsmanship and traditions of the past, while embracing the future and setting a new standard of event hosting. Taman Bhagawan has been the venue of choice for some prestigious events including American singer-songwriter Jason Mraz who performed an outdoor concert before an audience of 4,000 music enthusiasts, Earth, Wind and Fire, Incognito and America’s Next Top Model shooting finale S20, WTO and more in the extensive grounds of Taman Bhagawan. www.tamanbhagawan.com

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