Press Release Hatten Wines NEW Building & Facilities – Apr 2016

Bali, March 1st 2016. – Hatten Wines opens its new building in Sanur with great expectations for wine education in Bali, with partners Gaggenau, Schott Zwiesel and Toto Kitchen.

Hatten Wines, the Balinese winery, opens a new facility in Sanur, Bali, along with esteemed partners German luxury home appliances Gaggenau, high end glassmakers Schott Zwiesel and elegant cabinetry makers, Toto Kitchen. The new building is a warehouse style building, housing a wine hub bubbling with activities: wine classes, wine tasting, private dining room, wine distribution offices – the Hatten Wines Building becomes the new landmark of Sanur.

This new building houses the distribution company staff members and marketing team of the wine company, but goes far beyond being merely an office facility. By conceptualizing the building as a wine hub, Hatten Wines is expanding its reach to its clients with education in mind. The 21 year old company has now set its eyes on the next generation of wine professionals, wine connoisseurs and amateurs, by creating a venue for training which is opened to all programs related to wine and food and beverage.


The architectural concept remains true to the look of our first wine shop, The Cellardoor: bare bricks, cement, steel and stainless steel. With the ‘loft style’ look of refurbished historical warehousing buildings, and close to the concept of a winery and cellar  components, this new construction will be avant-garde in look and feel.

Opened, fun, exposed materials, the interior décor is nothing new in North America, Europe, and even in the Indonesian capital of Jakarta. Yet in Bali, alone stood – the wine shop of Hatten Wines, The Cellardoor, with this concept. The playful ‘google style office’ is now recognized as a productive concept, creatively stimulating and also a source of pride for its employees. This philosophy, added to the exposed bricks and cement walls of the refurbished warehouse concept, makes the Hatten Wines building, a must see. The office concept for the 3rd floor is based on the ‘google style’ open plan office, which also includes ‘third spaces’ – spaces within the office where employee can be creative, step back and take a break, meet in a stimulating environment.


For the interior and features, a large number of wood palettes and drums have been turned into furniture by magician carpenter Achmad Zainul, recycled from the Two Islands frozen grapes received in drums and palettes. Recycled materials are found  everywhere in the building, from wood palettes to cut bottles and drums.

The wine lifestyle boutique with Schott Zwiesel is the new home ware and décor heaven of Bali, with a collection of exclusive Schott Zwiesel and Jenaer Glas. The boutique called The Cellardoor since 2001, sees a major revamp from its small format of the previous location. The Cellardoor has a signature line of wine accessories and wine tools, locally made alongside imported items and introduces wine jams, vine wood accessories and vine fresh produce (leaves, dolmades, raisins), collectors’ recipe cards, wine gifts and gift packaging. With a large convivial table, the boutique is to host a large Glassware collection from partner products on consignment basis, books, etc. Schott Zwiesel, the World leader in glassware offers a wide range of glassware – from wine to cocktail glasses and pitchers or decanters, Jenaer Glas plates, coffee and tea cups and pots, vases, found nowhere else in Bali.

Alongside unique souvenirs, The Cellardoor is the home Bali’s Kevala Cermamics with an exclusive all white line of unique designs paired seamlessly with the linens collection. The Wine Classroom of the new Hatten Wines building is primarily a trade client relationship, sales and client loyalty tool for the Sales and Marketing tool of PT Hatten Bali. The classes from Hatten Wines range
from wine appreciation in short and long version, restaurant management tools, wine list efficiency management, and a certificate in wine knowledge. Sommelier classes and certification courses will be added to the curriculum later in the year. Opened to associations and organizations in need of training space, the facility is available on rental basis.

As training and certification becomes mandatory in Indonesia, the Food & Beverage industry turns to this new facility for classes supporting the students, young waiters and professionals towards obtaining their certification. Fully supported by Schott Zwiesel with a complete glassware collection, the classroom is equipped for 30 students.

The Private Dining Room is a space to build new relationships with the hospitality and development industry, as well as a bridging venue with the world of arts and traditions. Following the principles of Tri Hita Karana, the elegant industrial chic style venue houses the World class appliances of Gaggenau and Bosch.

Presentations and tastings will be held in this exclusive space yet it is its mission of conviviality and communal sharing of a meal and wines, which drove partners to a common will to join forces. Acting as a live showroom for both the appliances makers and the cabinetry artists at Toto Kitchen, the Private Dining Room by Gaggenau is a true reflection of the evolution Hatten Wines has seen in its mature years.

By invitation only, these exclusive dinners of The Private Dining Room are a collaborative effort between Hatten Wines, Gaggenau, Schott Zwiesel d Toto Kitchen, entertaining the islands people of the arts, culture, hospitality and tourism, in style. 21 years later, the Balinese winery remains a pioneer in Asia, Indonesia and at home in Bali.

Hatten Wines has been making wine in Bali since 1994, breaking all rules of traditional viticulture and winemaking by braving the climate, the elements and fierce critics. Years of adjustments, trials, testing, and reinventing itself – twenty one years to be exact, have forged a solid winemaking company with incredible pride in its staff, products and owners.

Today, Hatten Wines is known worldwide, published in articles and books in Europe, North America and Asia, as a pioneer of the wine industry. This status was celebrated by this industry in 2011 awarding Ida Bagus Rai Budarsa with the first Wine Style Asia – Asian Wine Pioneer Award. Since, the growing Asian wine industry has continued to salute Hatten Wines and has seen the Balinese winery become one of the founding members of the Asian Wine Producers Association establishing the first regional organization of the kind.

The Vineyards of Hatten Wines have grown to a reasonable 35.5 hectares of owned land, which combined to the partnership farmers lands exploited for Hatten Wines, come up to a total of near 100 hectares of vineyards contributing to the fruit grown to produce the wines. From these locally grown vines, the 7 wines of the winery have been served at restaurants, hotels and villas in Bali, functions and dinners across the Indonesian archipelago, and on very special occasions served in Holland, United Kingdom, Maldives,

Singapore and Hong Kong. Recently, Pino de Bali fortified wine is the most exotic addition to Felix’s wine list,at The Peninsula Hong Kong.

Hatten Wines has recently launched along with BT Cocoa plantation, chocolate museum and Australian Atlas Pearls’ farm. The three companies’ activities are now promoting the North Coast of Bali as an alliance of companies with a close bond: Benih Kasih Orphanage’s new building should be under construction soon, to allow the 30+ children to move out of their 14 beds capacity old building.

Touching the lives of over 250 Balinese families, employees, farmers, distributors, associates, either working for Hatten Wines or gratified by its activities, Bali’s own winery, is set to continue being Bali’s ambassador in the coming 20 years and more. Hatten Wines, is Proudly Balinese.

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