Sababay Winery has launched Mascetti – the first Port-style wine

To meet Indonesia’s growing and increasingly sophisticated market demand for quality wines, Sababay Winery has launched Mascetti – the first Port-style wine ever produced in Indonesia at Decanter Dining, Kuningan Plaza Building Jakarta. The Mascetti bottle label is presented in urbane dark blue with gold lining graphic formation design to display a less conventional view of the world of Port, but still capture the authenticity of style. Sababay presented a new touch of Port-style wine by providing moments of tasting that combined pleasure and knowledge, an ideal way of fruition of a product of excellence.

Originally produced exclusively in Duoro Valley from northern Portugal, the Port process of wine making has extended to other regions of the globe where this fortified, sweet wine is universally celebrated during the dessert or cheese course. Dating from the 20th century, port wine consumption in the North American region and Asia, increased significantly, especially among the young professionals. This will be a great start for Indonesia and Sababay winery is delighted to introduce Port-style wine.

Yohan Handoyo, COO of Sababay Industry said: “Mascetti is the new movement, it reflects Sababay’s commitment to innovation and catering to the growing demands of our consumers. The launch of Mascetti will bring popularity of Port-style wine in Indonesia.”

Sababay Mascetti is a port style wine made from the artful blending of Shiraz and Alphonse Lavalle grape varieties. The grapes are picked by hand from the vineyard in North of Bali. These varieties are perfectly suited to the hot, arid conditions of Bali and are the source of much of Port’s unique and distinctive character.

“Although they may be planted separately, the varieties are normally harvested and fermented together. Each grape variety contributes its own particular character –

Tastings of this latest “New Latitude” wine by Sababay are earning accolades for the dark ruby hue and the distinct hints of dark chocolate, sweet fruit and  exotic spices notes that greet the palate. Mascetti is particularly suitable for evening relaxing or for pairing with desserts”, added Nicolas Delacressonniere, the French winemaker from Medoc.

The Marketing Director, Fidi Samsoedin also share his view on the target market that “To address this shift in tasting trends and an undeniable market demand for local products that successfully embrace international style and standards – Sababay has proudly launched Mascetti Port-style wine that celebrated by Indonesia’s young professionals, leaders and celebrities among partners and distributors of Sababay.”

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