Stay Inspired With New Resort Manager Of Bali Paragon Resort Hotel, Alice Matulessy

Bali, Indonesia – Bali Paragon Resort Hotel is pleased to announce the appointment of Alice Matulessy to the position of Resort Manager and she will be responsible for both operational Bali Paragon Resort Hotel and Nomina Villas management. Bringing with her who has more than 20 years esperiences and who has ben recognized as a leading sales and marketing development strategist, specialist in hospitality and tourism bussiness development in which also affiliated to International Luxury Travel Hospitality.

Prior to this she has held several senior director position in five star, luxury boutique hotels industry such as Padma Bali Resort, Intan Hotels & Resort, Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel & VIllas and Luxury Themed Hotels of The World.

She is actively supporting Sustainable and Responsible Tourism movement such as Bali International Woman Association, Bali Tourism Christian Community, Komunitas Cinta Bekain Indonesia and Sette Dot Red – Saving the kids from tourism negative impacts!

With a can-do attitude, hands-on multi-functiona expert, and outstanding sales motivational skills and result oriented, she is trusted, she is absolutely will bring up Bali Paragon Resort Hotel into next level.

“Be Kind to one another and treat other people the way you want to be treated are two of my values in life, wich cetainly are key value to develop others” she said.

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