Subway® Has Officially Opened its First Restaurant in Bali, the First Establishment Outside Java Island

Subway also introduces a new Ramadan-specific menu in conjunction with the holy month

In the end of the first quarter of 2023, PT Map Boga Adiperkasa Tbk opens the first Subway restaurant in Bali. The 63rd restaurant in Indonesia is located in Discovery Mall Bali. Today marks the official opening of the 112 sqm restaurant which can cater 36 guests in indoor and outdoor area.

As Subway has just been operating in Indonesia for about 1.5 years, becoming more approachable and providing healthier menu options will be our top priority.

Subway Expansion in 2023
In addition to opening more restaurants within Jabodetabek, this year Subway will also concentrate on expanding outside Jabodetabek. Last year, we opened several establishments in Bandung and Surabaya. The first Subway restaurant will open in Bali’s Discovery Mall in March, and two more locationsin Renon and Oberoiwill follow in April.

There are clearly strong reasons why we open our first store in Bali. Bali is known as a paradise on earth or the “Island of the Gods” and is a popular holiday destination for both domestic and foreign tourists. Bali has a lot of cultural and economic potential that cannot be underestimated. Bali is an important because it supports tourism in the surrounding area and has a strategic position. Therefore, we want to be a part of solutions that offers alternatives for healthier eating options and something that many visitors already familiar with back in their countries, said Vasilis John Vasiliou, Leader of Growth Brands within PT Map Boga Adiperkasa Tbk.

The designs of these three restaurants will vary slightly. A map of Bali serves as the background for the store of Discovery Mall’s indoor space, while the outdoor space shows a silhouette of a Jatiluwih rice field.

Subway will continue its commitment to be closer to its guests, by opening locations in several new cities in 2023.

Subway Ramadan Menu
The restaurant industry follows trends, and customers might shift their preferences, much like other business sectors. Updating the menu will keep your restaurant interesting, attract new guests, and create new interests. As Ramadan approaches, Subway offers a new menu to go with the solemnity of the fast-breaking ritual.

“Subway has been offering freshly made, customizable and better-for-you sandwiches, and we want to provide our guests with new and variety flavor. We are pleased to introduce a new menu for Ramadan that will be available at all Indonesian Subway restaurants. This menu is noteworthy because we offer a brand-new way to enjoy chicken in a sandwich, as we know Indonesia loves chicken dishes. In addition, we include a drink that is rich in local wisdom, blending of green tea with tamarind, a combination that has never been done before. said Silvia Muryadi, Head of Marketing Subway.

Breaded Chicken Strip
It can be an option for a healthier chicken menu because the Breaded Chicken Strip menu goes through a roasting process. The tangy and slightly sweet flavor of the thousand island, the recommended sauce, will enhance this menu’s distinctive flavor.

Tamarind Green Tea
It wont be complete if you dont break your fast with something refreshing. You can satisfy your thirst with a cup of fresh, sweet green tea combined with fresh tamarind.

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