Sunset Picnics and Kudapan
The Latest Jewels on The Menu at John Hardy Seminyak Boutique and Gallery

With new menus, new dining experiences and a revamped cocktail menu, John Hardy Seminyak celebrates Indonesian cuisine with some of the most unique dining experiences on the island.

Known for its sustainable luxury jewelry and meticulous craftsmanship, part of the John Hardy philosophy is a commitment to the preservation of skills and local culture. John Hardy Seminyak takes the same approach to dining, in the beautiful two-story boutique and gallery on Jalan Petitenget.

From the signature Long Table Lunch to all-day Sharing Plates created daily in The Kitchen, sweet and savory Kudapan snacks, the evocative herbal remedies from The Jamu Bar, and Sunset Picnics in the terraced garden, this is an experience that transcends mere dining. With the introduction of new menus and beautifully crafted cocktails, John Hardy Seminyak is now an unmissable spot for food lovers wanting to immerse themselves in a truly local dining experience.

“John Hardy Seminyak is a beautiful space, committed to meticulous preservation of artisan skills and local culture. The gallery and boutique are beautifully laid out on two floors with a sunlit terrace on the main floor, a gallery space below which leads to a rear garden and a beautiful temple,” explains Senior Director of Heritage, Polly Purser.

All-Day Dining from The Kitchen

While special menus like Kudapan and The Long Table Lunch need to be booked one day in advance, a beautiful menu of shared plates and crafted cocktails (with or without alcohol) are available all day for walk-in guests. Drop in for an artisan coffee or specially blended tea on the terrace overlooking the temple, head downstairs to the gallery for the signature Long Table Lunch, or relax in the terraced garden for a picnic, sunset cocktails and sharing plates. Each dish on the menu is based on the rich culinary heritage of Indonesia, beautifully presented and surprisingly affordable.

Sunset Picnics

Under the terracotta umbrellas laid out on the terraced gardens, diners recline on traditional straw mats, laid with pillows, and linger over evocative cocktails and food from The Kitchen’s all-day dining options and the Legends menu, inspired by John Hardy’s signature jewelry collection. Signature dishes include dishes like Nasi Lawar, grilled local beef, Balinese daikon, moringa soup, steamed jackfruit ‘tum’ wrapped in banana leaf, grilled on an open flame with chicken satay and sambal matah. Nasi Goreng Tungku is made with heritage rice from Tabanan cooked in a traditional terracotta pot with smoked mushroom, leek and house-made ‘Sambal Roa’, served with fresh seafood, cured egg, and traditional pickle on the side.

The new Sharing Plates menu offers light easy dishes such as Tuna Tartare Magelang, Arak infused tuna tartare with shallots, green tomato, sour starfruit and fermented Balado sauce served on tempura beetle leaf.

Sourcing unusual ingredients like lontar sugar and cold-pressed coconut oil, pickling, fermenting, creating signature sambals and sauces, and serving each dish in locally-made artisanal ceramics is part of the allure of the experience.

The Legends & All-Day Sharing Plates Menu, starting from IDR 50,000++

Jamu Inspired Special Cocktails for Sunset Picnics

The same is true of The Jamu Bar’s cocktail menu, which includes incredibly special cocktails created exclusively for the Sunset Picnics. Some of the new highlights on the menu include clarified cocktails infused with local flavors like the Nangka, inspired by Arak with jackfruit and soursop, or the Kalimantan Calamansi Fizz with citrus gin, passionfruit, Prosecco and lemon jello. The new cocktails complement the existing Jamu inspired cocktail menu that can be served with or without alcohol.

“This is a way to share our beautiful garden, overlooked by a temple. As the light fades it’s a tranquil outdoor space for intimate gatherings, a popular setting for celebrations and a unique space for couples to share,” Polly Purser continues.

The Jamu Bar Inspired Cocktails, starting from IDR 55,000++
The Jamu Inspired Special Cocktails for Sunset Picnics, starting from IDR 120,000++
Sunset picnics are served Friday to Sunday from 4 – 7pm. No bookings are required.

Introducing Kudapan

Indonesian households prepare special menus for festive occasions. Local snacks, known as Kudapan are traditionally prepared to share with friends and neighbors. It’s a time when families come together to share precious recipes handed down through generations.

The experience begins with cookies ‘Biskuit’, traditionally served with tea. “This is how we greet guests while the savory dishes are being prepared. It’s a gesture of welcome,” explains John Hardy’s Executive Chef, Tomy Suputra.

Next, an array of savory bites from tempura betel leaves topped with tuna tartare to pretty toasted sandwiches wrapped in banana leaf and filled with smoked beef and homemade pickles follow. A surprising jamu-inspired palette cleanser precedes a platter of sweet treats from John Hardy’s Hung Kwee collection.
Dadar Gulung, coconut pancakes, are served alongside the flavorful homemade jellies. The Kudapan men perfectly pairs with blended tea, local coffee or a signature cocktail.

Kudapan Menu, IDR 225,000++ per person
Kudapan are served daily from 2 – 5 pm. One day advance booking is required.

The Long Table Lunch

At John Hardy Seminyak’s stylish two-story gallery the commitment to preserving Indonesia’s culinary heritage has been named among the island’s most memorable dining experiences.

The Long Table lunch offers a monthly set menu including tea/ coffee and dessert. Recipes are sourced throughout the diverse Indonesian archipelago to be enjoyed family-style around the table for minimum 2 up to 24 guests. This is, without doubt, the place to bring any visitors to the island to taste the best of Indonesian cuisine in a beautiful environment. A traditional grilled fire with coconut husks is a great addition as each dish is traditionally prepared using time honored cooking techniques. The assorted sambals and krupuk which accompany every meal are legendary while the Es Campur, served tableside, is an experience in itself.

“The Long Table Lunch harks back to John Hardy’s roots where guests are invited to join our staff lunches following a tour of the Mambal workshop. In Seminyak, we’ve carried on the tradition and added it to our menu of dining experiences,” explains Polly Purser. “We wanted a place where Bali residents and visitors to the island can really enjoy great Indonesian food.”

The Long Table Lunch Menu, IDR 390,000++ per person.
The Long Table Lunch are served daily from 11 am onwards. One day advance booking is required.

With new menus by Executive Chef, Tomy Saputra and a revamped cocktail menu crafted by local mixologist Yudi Permana and team, John Hardy has designed dining experiences that are inspired by Indonesia’s diverse and fascinating culinary heritage. The menus are based on dishes that have been passed down for generations, elevated by indigenous ingredients, and served in spaces that are as beautifully designed as the renowned jewelry that has made John Hardy an internationally recognized brand.

The John Hardy Boutique and Gallery at Seminyak is located at Jl. Raya Petitenget, Kerobokan Kelod, Kuta
Utara, Badung, Bali 80361 and the telephone number is +62 (0) 361-9344-244 / +62 (0) 811-3811-8004.
Open daily from 11 am – 7 pm.

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