Taiko unveils their new menu and ingredient of the year – Red King Crab New Year 2017

Following the success of the Wagyu and Wasabi menus, Conservatorium’s Contemporary Asian restaurant, Taiko Restaurant, has big news this year! The new Ingredient of the Year is Kamchatka, also called the Red King Crab, which is highlighted throughout Executive Chef Schilo van Coevorden’s completely new created Classic and Progressive menu.


Inspired by the Chinese calendar, Taiko Restaurant celebrates her birthday with the “Taiko New Year”. During this celebration, the new menu and the “Ingredient of the Year” will be unveiled. This year, Executive Chef Schilo van Coevorden has been inspired by the Red King Crab. Weighing up to ten kilos and a span of two meters, Schilo’s fascination with the Red King Crab lasts for  almost two decades already. This since he was working in Osaka, where he discovered a popular restaurant chain where only Kani, the Japanese word for crab, was served. Following Schilo himself, it was love at first sight. His experience is translated to Taiko’s new “Ingredient of the Year” Classic and Progressive menu.

Red King Crab
The natural freshness, the sturdy and juicy meat as well as the sweet taste make the Red King Crab extremely popular. The ever-increasing demand and strict catch quotas have led fishermen to safeguard their catch. Schilo, always looking for the best of the best, was led to Northern Norway. Schilo: “A six-hour drive from the inhabited world, where the world ends, lies the fishing village of Veidnes. They do not have a lot of amenities, but they do have an airport from which the catch is distributed directly. Every Red King Crab is treated with the utmost care, both during the catch and after, because the crabs can only be captured in limited numbers, which leads to the best quality. I went to the sea with a fisherman, who played in Arctic Waters, the Norwegian spin-off of Deadliest Catch. Ice cold water up to my loins, a moving boat and nothing but crowding foam heads and snowy mountain peaks in the visor. It was like I was in my own Deadliest Catch, such an adventure! During dinner afterwards in the village, I discovered that the Norwegians only cook or grill the Red King Crab, but you can also eat the raw meat from the legs as sashimi because of the purity of the water. In this way, the salty moisture from the scissors and the sweet meat of the crab can be optimally experienced. That is exactly the way how it is served at Taiko Restaurant, on ice cream flavoured by the head but also as smoked sushi.”


Curious about this and Schilo’s other original and surprising cooking methods of the Red King Crab? The Conservatorium hotel welcomes guests to enjoy Taiko’s special “Red King Crab” Classic and Progressive menu.

About Schilo van Coevorden
Just around the corner from the hotel in Amsterdam, is where Schilo van Coevorden has his roots. Asia, however, has his heart. As a chef, with classical French education, Schilo was very early on triggered by the exotic flavours and textures of the Far East. With the intense passion of a pure artist, he determines the pace in which his team ensures a unique experience for their guests night after night.

About Taiko Restaurant
Schilo van Coevorden’s Taiko Restaurant in the Conservatorium hotel in Amsterdam is a homage to the beautiful flavours and textures from the Far East. The cuisine is modern-Asian, the appearance international and the atmosphere casually “Amsterdam”. This makes Taiko Restaurant absolutely irresistible for well-seasoned locals as well as international gourmets. The new website of Taiko Restaurant is now online www.taikorestaurant.nl/en.


For further information or to make a reservation: +31 20 570 00 00 or via email at fbreservations@conservatoriumhotel.com. For further information, visit http://www.conservatoriumhotel.com and follow @ConservatoriumHotel on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Taiko Restaurant
Van Baerlestraat 27
1071 AN Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Opening times
Monday to Thursday 18.30 to 22.30 hours
Friday to Saturday 18.30 to 23.30 hours
Sunday closed

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