The 11th Sanur Village Festival
Located at Maisonette Inna Grand Bali Beach, Sanur Bali
Wednesday 24 August – Sunday 28 August 2016
Open for the public
Daily from 11 AM to 11 PM
Official opening event: The Herbalife Bali International Triathlon in Mertasari Beach Sanur, Sunday 14 August 2016

Sanur, 18 April 2016 …
I am you, You are I.
Between you and I, truly we are related.
The atman entity that brings life to you and I
Originates from one source: God.

The spirit of togetherness and sense of belonging has made Sanur Village Festival (SVF) a communal activity that brings real benefits to the public and community surrounding this coastal village. The spirit of creativity, motivation and innovation unique to Sanur will be consistently developed to achieve social and cultural norms that bring welfare and peace.

The 10 years of SVF has created a unique trait in the villagers displaying a sense of family, working together voluntarily (ngayah), metetulung culture, preserving the environment and create welfare in a proud community.

Based on the ten year experience of Sanur community totality to express themselves through the festival themed “Tat Twam Asi” for the SVF XI held from 24-28 August 2016 is one of the ethics and moral teaching in Hindu, originating from Sanskrit, that means “I am you, You are me”.

This universal philosophy teaches high empathy and equalizes all persons into an order. Each individual is asked to feel what others feel, and what we feel. So when we hurt another person, essentially it means we are hurting ourselves. When we abuse others, we are also abused.

In implementation, our forefathers have given a role model used in daily life of the community. “Tat Twam Asi” when implemented in daily life among them through the happy and sad principles (happiness and sadness are experienced together); paras paros (other people are part of ourselves and we are part of other people); salunglung sabayantaka (good or bad, dead or alive we are in this together); asih, asah, asuh (love each other, give and correct, and help each other as living creatures).

This spirit is brought up through all levels of community to ensure sense of belonging, respect and preserving. Similar to the ideal village condition, which is clean, beautiful, the community live in peace, calm, and comfort. This environment creates an endless innovative and creative work.

The theme in this SVF summarizes the 10 previous festivals, with the theme “Tat Twam Asi” which is expected to develop empathy, solidarity and equality in conducting activities in a small scope (personal and family) as well as a larger social scope, as member of village, province or country.

The implementation still refers to existing natural and cultural potentials, in line with this festival’s original objective as a response to the 2005 Bali bombing incident. At that time Yayasan Pembangunan Sanur developed the idea to resurrect and highlight Bali’s tourism destination image, and Sanur specifically, to rise from the disaster.

This Festival has been held professionally since 2006 and designed not only to promote tourism and affect local economy improvement, but also has become to event for cross art and culture, expand the creative space, and celebrate the life of Sanur community with all their hospitality and openness. This dedication that started from the quick response to the bombing has positioned Sanur as a global competitor in the tourism industry.

A number of program during the event among them are:

1.    Art and Music Performance
2.    Food Bazaar
3.    Sanur Open Golf Tournament
4.    Under Water Festival by planting corals.
5.    Jukung competition
6.    Sanur Fishing Tournament
7.    Sanur Kite Festival
8.    Photography Competition
9.    Marine Water Sport including widn surfing, surfing, and canoe.
10.    Sanur Cycling
11.    Sport and Fun Games
12.    Fine Art Activity, artistic artists and on the spot painting, and body painting.
13.    Fashion show
14.    Ice carving festival
15.    Yoga
16.    Art Parade
17.    Cultural dialogue
18.    Business meeting
19.    Environmental Act including clean the beach, tree and mangrove planting, turtle release, and environmental education.
20.    Bali International Triathlon
21.    Sanur Creative Expo
22.    Various hobby competitions

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