The Trans Resort Bali Debuts New Chinese Inspired Desserts

Welcoming the Mid-Autumn Festival, The Trans Mooncake offers classic and the twist of local flavours in every bite.

The Moon Festival or famously known as Mid-Autumn Festival which falls on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month, and this year will be commencing on 4th October, is the important date for Chinese people where they sit together and enjoy mooncakes on a peaceful night with the brightest moon. Every bite of the mooncake has history of over 3,000 years, where the Mid-Autumn first celebrated by the emperors and the people during the Song Dynasty to worship the moon and eating together with the hopes of prosperity and good harvest.

Compounding the Chinese culture and traditions in celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival, The Trans Resort Bali debuts its assortments of homemade mooncakes which are fresh, flavourful, and rich of aromas.

Original Baked Trans Mooncake

Celebrating Moon Festival with the taste of Lotus Seed with Egg Yolk and Red Bean Paste through aromas and sweet flavours prepared in the shape of the moon with the skin baked and glazed with golden syrup to create the shiny golden brown colour. These original baked mooncakes are served as the traditional Chung Chiu (the Mid-Autumn Festival) delicacy.

Snow Skin Trans Mooncake

Snow skin mooncakes have different textures and taste compare to traditional baked mooncakes, as this type of mooncake offers lesser fat and sugar. Pampering the sweet-teethes and favourite local flavours, the culinary experts at The Trans Resort Bali create snow skin mooncakes with the twist of local flavours, such as Chocolate Brownies and Peanut, Durian, and Pandan. Dessert lovers will be surprised in every single bite by how these delightful snow skin mooncakes can amuse the palates.

All flavours are seasoned to perfection by the resort’s culinary talents and beautifully stored in luxurious red coloured box, perfect for gift or can be enjoyed with family and friends accompanied by freshly brewed Chinese tea.


Available until end of October 2017, get your box of mooncake treasures only at IDR288,000++. Enjoy 20% OFF for Bank Mega Credit Card and Trans Preferred Loyalty Membership. For The Trans Mooncake inquiry, please email or contact +623618981234.

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