The Universe of Squeeze90:
The First Deadstock Market in Indonesia

Founded by 4 serial entrepreneurs and brand owners, Squeeze90 introduces a new era of sustainable consumption into Indonesia. As brand owners themselves, the founders realized that deadstock, or ‘overstock’ on goods is a persistent problem in fashion, beauty, and many other consumer goods businesses. A consumer brand needs to produce in tens of thousands to reach the minimum manufacturing requirement, but often does not need to sell everything to breakeven. To add, many stock goods expire or go out of fashion quickly.

Through a conceptual series of pop-up bazaars, Squeeze90 aims to breathe the air of lifestyle and art into warehouse sale and clearance shopping.

The Talk of The Town.
30,000 people gathered in May 2023 at Pondok Indah Mall 3, City Hall, Jakarta for the second ever Squeeze90. With over 160 brands participating in the categories of beauty and fashion, live music shows, and A-list influencers in attendance, this marks a second win for the Squeeze90 Group. Brands such as Monomolly, Avgal, Spring Summer Style, Barekurve, and Byeol, participated in the lively event.
The first ever Squeeze90 bazaar was held at Pantai Indah Kapuk in October 2022 last year with over 10,000 foot traffic recorded – one of the most successful bazaars the mall has ever seen.

Inspired by Lemonade.
The name was inspired by the phrase ‘when life gives you lemon, make lemonade’. At SQUEEZE90, lemons or deadstock inventory is squeezed into ‘Lemonade’. Squeeze90 is a chance for brand owners to liquify their deadstock into income in a fun way, instead of burning goods, discarding it, or letting it sit in the warehouse as a liability. The term ‘Deadstock’ is not to be confused with ‘B stock’ or ‘Outlet stock’, as the product itself does not have any defect or mal-production.

Aspired by the Universe.

Squeeze90 is a universe of items with a discount of up to 90%. The Group’s aim is to transport customers and shoppers into an alternate universe, where shopping for discounted goods feels as good, as luxurious, and as fun as the full price experience.

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