Tijili Hotel Seminyak New Menu

Located inside Tijili Hotel Seminyak, Kakatua Restaurant offers both Indonesian and International dishes. The atmosphere of Kakatua Restaurant is friendly, colorful, and welcoming.

Here, at Kakatua Restaurant they launch recently their new menu, The Tuna Salad and Stir Fry Sweet Sour Squid. Should you find yourself deciding what appetizer to have, be sure to ask heavier entrees, The Tuna Salad.

Juicy large chunk tuna combined with fresh full handed lettuce, a stapple of any salad; green and red oakleaf lettuce, mizuna lettuce, Frisée lettuce, combine with sliced red raddish, olives pickle, spiced up with extra virgin oil and balsamic vinegar, a touch of corriander, and finally a pinch of lemon to make the relish scent, it was a jolt to the palate.

Another favourite main dish, the new addidition from chef is their Stir Fry Sweet Sour Squid. Flavour with Chinese spice, this sweet sour squid was a combine of succulent squid get slathered in a tasty sweet sour and spicy sauce. Sweetness and tang from ketchup, sweet soy sauce, and oyster sauce, and heat from the birds eye chillies. This dish is so versatile with a crunchy kicks from the spring onion that you can’t eat it alone, taste it with heaps of rice.


by Gaby Nareswari

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