Manggar Bali: Where Tradition and Innovation Create Southeast Asian Culinary Magic

Manggar Bali is a modern wood fire grill restaurant focusing on local products with Southeast Asian touch, just 200 meters from Echo Beach, proudly announces its grand opening. Drawing inspiration from rich flavors and sustainable practices, Manggar Bali offers a unique fusion of Southeast Asian cuisine with contemporary Western influences, delivering an unforgettable dining experience.


Genuine and fresh flavors shine through dishes crafted from locally sourced ingredients, supporting local farmers and producers from the land to the sea. At Manggar Bali, the menu features wood-fired grilled specialties such as the fresh daily catch Grilled Market Fish. For a vegan option, the Barley Risotto is served with roasted shimeji mushrooms, tempeh, herb puree, and a dash of chili oil. Manggar Bali aims to provide a dining experience that celebrates the diverse flavors of Southeast Asian cuisine. Each visit to Manggar Bali is a delightful exploration of tastes and warm hospitality. The culinary team at Manggar Bali is dedicated to creating dishes that reflect the rich culinary heritage of the region while showcasing the best local ingredients.


Manggar Bali, meaning the flower of the coconut tree, symbolizes the abundant natural resources and tropical climate of the Indonesian Archipelago. This heritage is integral to the restaurant’s identity. The name also holds personal significance for the owner, Lukman Sujianto, who grew up in the Manggar neighborhood of Balikpapan, East Kalimantan. The nostalgic charm of his childhood is seamlessly woven into the fabric of Manggar Bali.


Chef Wayan Kresna Yasa, a celebrated Balinese chef renowned for his mastery of Southeast Asian flavors and sustainable practices, collaborates with us to bring his expertise to the table. With training from the Washburne Culinary Institute in the USA and experience in Michelin-starred kitchens, Chef Wayan curates a diverse menu celebrating local ingredients. His dishes are infused with the rich, smoky essence of the wood fire grill, offering clean, precise flavors that evoke both nostalgia and curiosity, elevating your dining experience.



Manggar Bali offers more than exceptional cuisine; it provides an inviting atmosphere ideal for both casual hangouts and special occasions. With an open kitchen where Chef Wayan and Manggar Bali team skillfully prepare dishes over the wood fire grill, guests can enjoy a sensory experience enhanced by the sights and aromas of vibrant flavors. The layout of Manggar Bali encourages social interaction, featuring cozy seating arrangements perfect for intimate dinners or group gatherings. A well- stocked bar complements the dining experience with a selection of local drinks, ensuring every visit is a memorable blend of culinary delight and relaxed comfort.

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