Ubud Village Jazz Festival 2021

After a long wait, and forced to cancel by the pandemic, and skipped the 2020 edition, Ubud Village Jazz Festival is now back-on-the-track again and have decided to proceed to have it on October 29th & 30th 2021 (Friday and Saturday) at ARMA MUSEUM Jl Pengosekan, Ubud and continue the tradition of being the biggest and most respected Jazz Music Festival on the island since 2013.

This is going to be the 8th year of this annual Jazz Festival. “This time is the most challenging one, as we have to do it align with the restriction, preconditions and at the same time, relaxation given by the national Covid-19 authorities” said Yuri Mahatma at the co-founder. So challenging because we all, not only the organizer, but everyone who is involved, the vendors, tenants etc, together we must ensure that it is going to be safe for everyone and for Bali.

Of course we all don’t want to be hit bu another waves of Covid-19 spread in the future. Not anymore! For this reason from the deep of our hearts, the organizer kindly urge everyone, especially the festival goers to strictly obey the health protocols.

“Let’s put aside the pro and contra, it doesn’t take a high rate of IQ to understand that in public areas, ignoring this may not only affecting people near you, but in a large scale, may ruin the economy of Bali which we just started to rebuild from the ruins”, said Astrid Sulaiman, the vice chairman of the festival.

“We all must consider and realize that the relaxation we have now, the low rate of the virus spread, is a blessing for Bali after 2 years of being nationally the worst hit by the C 19 pandemic” said Anom Darsana the festival director and co-founder.

Ubud Village Jazz Festival continues to have 2 days of Jazz celebration. The new thing is this is a Hybrid festival. People can choose whether to attend live concerts on-the-site, or through live streaming.

Ticket price:

On-site-concert, IDR 350.000 (1 days pass) and IDR 500.000 (2 days pass)

Live streaming, IDR 160.000 (1 days pass) and IDR 200.000 (2 days pass)

All tickets are now available at www.ubudvillagejazzfestival.com

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