Celebrating the first year of surviving the loss of a parking space, plumbing-gate, and Mount Agung eruption … Wah Republic throws a night of great food, frozen drinks and world-class entertainment.

The first year is pretty critical in a business as it is the make or break time.  As you can see, WAH REPUBLIC is still here and we’re going strong. Thus, we want to celebrate like no other and invite each and everyone of our loyal customer to party.

Since the opening of WAH REPUBLIC, we come to Denpasar with a mission. This is to introduce high-quality fine dining to the great people of Denpasar with an affordable price. This is a journey we choose to take because we have been highly blessed by the success of our two other sister restaurants: WahWah Burger and Wahrung at Seminyak Village Shopping Mall. We brought our original recipes with no-msg, no-preservatives and no-coloring, our fresh ingredients and our friendly staff to Level 21 Mall and open WAH REPUBLIC one year ago today.

Wah Burger

Wah Republic food

Has it been easy? Not at all. Choosing Level 21 Mall as the venue – new in management and old in infrastructure brought lots of challenges. Yet, we did not give up because we have faith in the people who loved our food. For the younger customer, since the Mall caters to lots of students and kids, we introduce our Artisan Gelato with 12 flavors, made using the best ingredients from Italy. We are also proud to introduce our Premium Frozen Yoghurt with delicious toppings. And our latest addition is the full range of Frozen Drinks, Ice Coffees and Latte, Milkshake and Smoothies.

This Saturday, still in the festivities of Chinese New Year, WAH REPUBLIC hosts an open house party for all of its loyal customers and friends. Everybody have the chance to sign up for WAH REPUBLIC VIP CARD for free that day. This card is valid for all the WAH restaurants and will give you access to lots of promotions and freebies.

Starting at 6PM, everyone can enjoy the food, drinks and wahlato/wahfroyo, while enjoying the sweet tunes from Bali Open Mic. Afterwards, the party will be in full swing as the special performers come, sing and make your night. Cheers to more great years to come for WAH REPUBLIC

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