Wolf Blass Australian Wine Academy – Above Beyond

highend-traveller.com-Nusa Dua, The annual wine event of Wolf Blass is come back last September. It was held in Intercontinental Hotel and Resort Jimbaran. This time Wolf Blass partnership with Bali Wein presented “Wolf Blass Australian Wine Academy”, a full day class fused many aspects of wine especially Wolf Blass Wine.

This event attended by dozens people from food and beverage division of stars hotel & villa, also best restaurant in Bali. It’s started from basic wine knowledge, that is a grape variety for Australia wine region, then followed by wine appraisal, wine making process, and for sure wine tasting. The best idea for this event is that participant shall to be a winemaker. They taste and wondered the best mix of Wolf Blass and blending.

An ice breaking games success to make noise became louder. Not enough for this, a Mastercheff competition was a great peak of Wolf Blass Australian Wine Academy. Mastercheff is a cooking competition that combines a tasting technique with food and wine pairing. The taste sensations in food and how they affect the way we taste the wine.

Certificates and prizes distributed at the closing party. The best winemaker and mastercheff got their best Wolf Blass Yellow Label. After all Wolf Blass Wine Academy is beyond expectation, as their campaign “Wolf Blass – Above Beyond”



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