10 Excellent Destination to propose

1.    Canals of Venice ( Venice, Italy )

Excellent Destination1
Photo by miriadna.com

Nothing spells amore like the romantic, shimmering canals of Venice with its majestic piazzas, palaces and historic churches. Visitors can book a gondola for two and glide along the Grand Canal past colorful mansions, medieval villas and historic landmarks, while embracing the beauty of this storied city. As couples sit back and take it all in, they can allow themselves to get lost in dreamy Italian love songs as the gondolier serenades them with perennial Italian favorites.

2.    Trevi Fountain ( Rome, Italy )

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Eventually, all roads will lead to the Fontana di Trevi in Rome and no matter how old a person is, the soundtrack from the movie, “Three Coins in a Fountain,” may come to mind. The Eternal City lives up to its romantic image in this fountain which dates to 19 BC as the Aqua Virgo (Virgin Water) aqueduct. According to legend, it was named in honor of a young Roman girl who led thirsty soldiers to this spring. Today, the impressive travertine monument lures visitors from all over the world to toss a coin in the fountain. Every evening, approximately $4,000 is collected and given to charity. According to tradition, if you turn your back and toss a coin over your shoulder, it will ensure a return to Rome. Throw a second coin if you’re in search of love and a third one if you’re hoping to get married.

3.    Grand Canyon ( Arizona, USA )

Excellent Destination3
Photo by alux.com

The steep, 277- mile-long canyon carved by the Colorado River in Arizona mesmerizes roughly five million visitors a year and can be accessed via two main points – the South Rim and the North Rim. The more frequently visited South Rim is easier to navigate and has more facilities, such as Grand Canyon Village and most of the park’s lodging and camping services. Also located here are restaurants, stores and museums, along with a small nearby airport and railroad depot. The North Rim, at 1,000 feet higher has a more alpine feel and fewer facilities, yet boasts the more spectacular views. The canyon can be visited by hiking, riding a mule, bike, rafting on the Colorado river, or flying over it, which offers the most comprehensive, as well as spectacular, views.

4.    Eiffel Tower ( Paris )

Excellent Destination4
Photo by kejegur.com

The magic of the Eiffel Tower has been legendary since its silhouette debuted over Paris in 1889. Designed by Gustave Eiffel to celebrate the Centennial of the French Revolution, it has drawn millions of visitors from all over the world. The iconic landmark offers plenty of places in which to propose – without having to scale to the top to do it. The first floor offers a breath-taking transparent floor with stunning views of what lies below, while the second floor has panoramic views as well as glass elevators to take visitors to the top of the tower. Two restaurants offer a chic ambiance as well as haute cuisine and a champagne bar at the top serves a variety of wines with which to toast any occasion.


Excellent Destination5
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Invite your fiancé-to-be to your own private rooftop oasis. This midtown marvel holds a small, trimmed English garden overlooking Fifth Avenue and Saint Patrick’s Cathedral. Rent the space to pop the question and have friends and family show up after for a surprise engagement party.

6.    Iguazu Falls, ( Brazil )

Excellent Destination6
Photo by visit7wonders.com

South America’s grandest waterfall is set amid a national park of jungle and jaguars. The best way to witness the true force of Iguazu is from the comfort of a helicopter. The Devil’s Throat is the most spectacular of the 275 waterfalls, creating a spectrum of colours among the watery mist.

Hover among rainbows in your very own helicopter (bookable through most local tour companies), and pop the question while the falls roar below. You’ll leave the falls bone dry, unlike the drenched spectators below – just don’t drop the ring…

7.    At.mosphere, ( Dubai )

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Photo by thesuiteworld.com

Toast your engagement in the world’s tallest building – Dubai’s incredible Burj Khalifa. Soar to an astonishing 442 metres above the UAE’s famous city and step out onto floor 122, home of restaurant At.mosphere – and gaze out on the bright lights of Dubai, the desert, and the Arabian Gulf. Up here, you can feast on gourmet dishes, sip Champagne cocktails or nibble on afternoon tea – and as the sun goes down, there’s no better spot in the city to pop the question.

8.    LOVE Sculpture ( Indianapolis Museum of Art )

Excellent Destination8
Photo by gannett-cdn.com

A popular site for marriage proposals, the Love Sculpture sits outside of the Indianapolis Museum of Art. Created in 1970 by artist Robert Indiana, it was obtained by IMA in 1975. Consisting of the letters LO over the letters VE, the original image, with green and blue spaces backing red lettering, served as a print image for a Museum of Modern Art Christmas card in 1964. Although the words “peace and love” were especially significant in 1960s culture, the artist has said that his creation was inspired by the words, “God is Love,” based on the Christian Science church services he attended as a child.

9.    The Loire Valley, ( France )

Excellent Destination9
Photo by iamaileen.com

There are probably a thousand places in France that would be perfect for a romantic proposal or Valentine’s Day treat but, aside from Paris, my top pick is the Loire Valley. Full of romantic chateaux such as the Chateau Azay-le-Rideau, which is just perfect for one princess: “Moi!”. The big chateaux see multiple bus loads of tourists every day = not romantic. But the Loire Valley has over 300 chateaux and I discovered a quietly beautiful corner of the Loire Valley that is perfect for a romantic holiday. A gorgeous and hospitable chambre d’hote with great food, set in lush, undulating countryside. Perfectly placed for classic driving tours and also some off-the-beaten-track attractions.

10.    Hoi An, romantic, ( Vietnam )

Excellent Destination10
Photo by hoiancafe.com

The city of Hoi An easily takes the cake for the most romantic destination in Vietnam, possibly in south-east Asia. With its markets, charming Chinese shop houses and pretty riverside setting, it is perfect for a romantic few days. Enjoy a delicious meal at one of the riverfront restaurants – the ones with their verandahs festooned with vines and fairy lights – and then take a stroll beside the water. Buy some paper candle boats, light the candles and set them to float away on the river, then pop the question while you’re both watching mesmerised.

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