A place that transports you to France the minute you walk through the doors.
A discovery of the French art-de-vivre and one of the world’s finest bistronomy.
Welcome to So France, Le Bistro-Epicerie.

With Singapore as its first home base, So France is the first concept store of its kind to be launched on 21
March 2018, born from the private/public partnership of InVivo (France’s top agricultural cooperative group)
and the AANA (the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Food Agency). Artisan produce, world renowned wines and heavenly
French delicacies direct from the rich terroirs and, particularly from the Nouvelle-Aquitaine south-west
region of France, will be brought in exclusively to deliver the 100% French experience to customers in

Strategically located in the lively precinct of Bugis at the Duo Galleria, So France is a sprawling 5000 sq. ft.
of four interconnected spaces, comprising a bistro, wine bar, gourmet store and event space for wine
tastings and masterclasses. It is an opportunity for avid Francophiles and lovers of French food and wine to
immerse in and enjoy a completely French ambience, whether it is filling baskets with gourmet artisan
goodies, sipping a refreshing aperitif or gorgeous Bordeaux wine at the wine bar, or indulging in the crème
de la crème of French pastries, cheeses, charcuterie, wines, oysters and more.

Because demand for French products is particularly strong in Singapore, with France as the second largest
supplier country, So France also serves as an excellent gateway to Asia for French products and in
particular, those crafted by carefully selected French artisans and small producers. Passionate about what
they do, these producers still use traditional processes of their respective terroirs to keep French traditions
alive and to maintain the specificity of their products, which are produced only in small units. So France is
proud to offer these quality, authentic and limited products – some for the first time outside of France –
exclusively to customers in Singapore.

“Singapore’s community, both locals and expatriates, lends itself to such a diverse palate and appetite for
experiencing new lifestyle perspectives encompassing authentic products, fresh produce and outstanding
bistronomy,” said Pascal Hequet, General Director of So France Singapore. “For the French community
and those who are already familiar with France, it is an opportunity to reconnect with all of the things they miss, while for those who have never been there or want to learn more, it is a unique experience of discovery. Through our concept, we want people to feel like they can go to France without leaving Singapore.”

The double meaning of ‘SO’ (‘sud-ouest’ or south-west, and the word ‘so’ itself) implicitly ties the south-west to France, whilst also emphasising the truly French side, capitalising on the concept of a French way of life. The So France range is made up entirely of French products emblematic of every region in the country (with more than half coming from Nouvelle-Aquitaine), all of which meets a standard based on the Origine France Garantie label.


In promoting the quality authentic foods of France, So France supports artisan farmers and small producers
in their work, particularly those in Nouvelle-Aquitaine, the largest French region stretching from the wetlands
of Poitou in the north to the Pyrenees Mountains in the south, scaling the Atlantic coastline on the west and
with Bordeaux as its capital. Many of these producers are passionate about what they do and maintain the
traditional processes to craft their products so that customers can experience the truly authentic flavours of
France and its rich terroirs.

At the helm of the So France kitchens is Head Chef Frédéric Coiffé, who also comes from the south-west of
France and is known for his modern twists on well-loved traditional French dishes. His is a crafted menu of
authentic regional specialties, with dishes including parmentier de canard, escargots en persillade, axoa de
veau, Bordeaux-style rib-eye steak and more.

so france1

Mr. Hequet added, “From oysters and foie gras to fresh vegetables and charcuterie, from freshly baked
viennoiseries to bio-diverse wines, we aim to give our customers not only a real and delicious taste of
France but the opportunity to learn more of why our products are consistently among the best in the world.”

So France’s range is made up of iconic French products, more than half of which are from the Nouvelle-
Aquitaine region, including wines from Bordeaux and the south-west; cigars, Cognac, Armagnac, foie gras
from the south-west; Bayonne ham, high-quality charcuterie and salted meats; cheese and deli foods; as
well as champagne, Provence rosé, olive oil, French bread and pastries, specialties and more.

so france2

So France will be home to one of the most exclusive range of wines made by artisanal producers and
certified to ensure their origins and authenticity. Customers can discover new and different grape varieties
and flavours, which are only typically experienced while on a tour in France and can choose to enjoy the
wines with their meal, relax at the wine bar or purchase a bottle at the gourmet store at a very affordable

so france3


So France is made possible through the collaboration of InVivo (France’s top agricultural cooperative group)
and the AANA (the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Food Agency) to showcase French gastronomic expertise across the world through the core values of the French way of life. With this innovative public/private partnership,
InVivo and AANA strive to highlight the quality of agricultural, agri-food and wine products from French
regions, 50% of which come from Nouvelle-Aquitaine.

“So France is supported by a strong political desire to showcase our region’s agricultural and agri-food
industries on an international stage. Our aim is to promote our products and regions on the export market,
building on French cuisine’s reputation and significant ability to attract tourism”, said Alain Rousset,
President of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region.

Thierry Blandinières, CEO of InVivo, added, “As France’s leading agricultural cooperative group, one of
our strategic aims is to help enhance the reputation of French agriculture and agri-food across the globe.
The So France brand and its store concept pairing a bistro with a large gourmet store perfectly represent
the wealth of France’s agricultural and agri-food heritage. With So France, we are striving to become a key
player in distributing French products abroad by opening five concept stores in the Asia region by 2020,
following on from our pilot launch in Singapore.”

Strong and evocative, the So France brand aims to:

  • Promote French gastronomy and the French way of life on an international stage
  • Introduce French food products to international markets in a sustainable way
  • Provide sources of growth and major export outlets for France’s agri-food SMEs

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