Celebrating Italy’s rich culinary traditions and classic cuisine, renowned Italian Chef Enrico Bartolini is preserving authentic Italian recipes at AMICI in Bali, as the renowned chef of 12 Michelin stars will present his most celebrated Italian gourmet in the Island of Gods come this summer.

AMICI by Enrico Bartolini is a joyous tribute to Italy’s enriched food culture, repre- sented by the abundance of classic dishes passed on by generations by the coun- try’s citizens. Inspired by Bartolini’s many reputable restaurants, AMICI’s interior design showcases a light palee of earth tones, infused throughout timber-lined space with a high ceiling. The spacious design, complete with an open view of the kitchen and display shelves, invite the guests to enjoy a food and wine-lled pas- time. Besides a cozy main dining space and a private dining room that seats 10 guests, AMICI by Enrico Bartolini takes pride in its expansive terrace, oering a smooth ow from the dining room into the outdoor area. At the centre of AMICI’s veranda is an open bar, surrounded by inviting lounge furniture matched with brass embellishments and greenery that weaves into Bali’s natural landscape. The design aims to invite guests to unwind over a selection of cocktails and aperitifs specially curated by the team, with kind reminders of the beauty and comfort of Bali’s beloved nature.

The menu is craed by Enrico Bartolini, and executed by the restaurant’s Head Chef Alessandro D’amico. Together the duo follows authentic recipes for Italian classics, whilst respecting the unique vibes of the tropical island. Celebrating Bali’s ancient culture and the rich heritage of Italian gastronomy, AMICI will bring true hospitality to the island, welcoming guests from around the world with spectacular dining experience, notably with the restaurant’s iconic signature dishes such as Pizza Burrata & Capocollo, Ravioli d’Anatra and Torta Tenerina.

AMICI by Enrico Bartolini oers an enriched beverage programme for the most discerning palates, from premium Italian wines curated by Wahyu, AMICI’s resident sommelier. The restaurant also showcases a collection of cocktails and spirits sourced from around the world. Among the selection are the Spritz and the Negroni, both classic concoctions that capture the essence of Italian summer by Buda, AMICI’s Bar Manager. Together the beverage team will deliver the perfect tipples t for any occasions.

AMICI aims to showcase the wonders of Italian cuisine and culture through an authentic dining experience. Besides an abundant selection of food oerings, the restaurant aims to create a welcoming space where guests can immerse them- selves in the rich history and traditions of Italy, where guests can experience the authentic yet contemporary approach to Italian dining. AMICI by Enrico Bartolini will invite diners to embark on a gastronomic journey and discover the essence of Italy in the heart of Bali.

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