Ancient Luxury Recluse at Tugu Hotel Bali

by Gaby Nareswari


Embark on the twenty years old hotel with spellbinding Tugu Hotel Bali, guided stay experience to ancient Javanese and Balinese ambience.

Located at Canggu area, in Batu Bolong Street, few meters from the Batu Bolong Beach, Tugu Hotel Bali is the first leading hotel in Canggu, consist 21 suites room, and one villa. The suites go by the names of Dedari, Rejang, Kampong Suites, Walter Spies Pavillion, and Le Mayeur Villa.

Entering at the drop off area, I’m questioning about the tight access, then after the bellboy whisk our luggage, we walk through an aisle then you will greet by an extravagance of lobby space with grand roof, and facing a great Garuda Wisnu sculpture made from hundred years old tree. This lobby area use also for dining area that called Wantilan Agung, and can serve up to 200 guests.

Tugu Hotel Bali lobby


Guided to our Dedari Suites room, I passed the tropical lush garden, and their calming swimming pool. Each of their en-suite bedrooms is decorate with ethnical Balinese and Javanese. In Dedari suites it’s feature with five star hotel amenities, and all modern comfort including international TV channel, luxury semi open bathroom facing the fish pond, tropical plunge pool outside, internet access, and plush king size bed envelop in romantic flowing curtain.

Tugu Hotel Dedari

035-1 Dedari outdoor bath


The only one villa in this hotel is Puri Le Mayeur, dedicated to eternal love story between Adrien-Jean Le Mayeur and Ni Polok , his muse then become his wife. This villa has their special butler that provided by Le Mayeur family itself in Sanur to Tugu Hotel owner. The villa shows off the dimensions that simply serve to the wow of huge space, 200 sqm of it, including lotus pond dining area that could be set as private romantic dining.

Puri Le Mayeur (1)Tugu Bali


The other dedicated room is Walter Spies pavilion. The romantic art deco era of Java in the early 20th century, dedicated to the legendary German poet and artist Walter Spies, an influential German musician and painter who made Indonesia his home. It is surrounded by a tropical garden with a secret and most unique outdoor sunken bath.



Tugu Hotel Bali has four dining venues, they are Ji at Bale Sutra, Wantilan Agung, Bale Puputan, at will open at May 2017 is Ji By The Sea. As I said this is the dining venue, so you can have your meal in all this dining area, and the hotel staff will prepare it to you.

They offer many theme of dining experience, let say Grand Rijsttafel , the lavish grand dining ceremonial ever exist since the colonial times in Batavia. The Kings Parade dining is the dining thattaken back into the victorious era of Majapahit, and experience grand dining ceremonies of the royal expeditions of King Hayam Wuruk through vast areas including Java and Bali.

Tugu Sunset tea, the tea time serve from 4.30 pm to 6 pm, choose from tea leaves selection or coffee together with traditional delicacies sweet treats such as banana fried, ongol-ongol, and more. Another unique concept of their hotel is, they will serve breakfast in everywhere in Tugu Hotel area where your hearts desire.

Ji At bale sutra


One of their restaurants is Ji at Bale Sutra 1706, Japanese cum Peranakan Chinese dining experience. Served up Japanese fusion, with a lot of wine choice and sake bar. This is built from the 311 year old Kang XI period temple which Tugu Hotels founder/designer, Anhar Setjadibrata, rescued from ruins in Java and completely reconstructed on the first island in Indonesia where the temple landed hundreds of years ago.

Next frontier of Ji restaurant that will be open in May 2017 is Ji Terrace By The Sea, located at the highest floor of this hotel with 180 degrees overlooking the Indian Ocean. Ji Terrace by the Sea is designed to be romantic, but with a young & playful twist of the bohemian spirit of Canggu. With a long bar on the second floor facing the sea, the bartenders have one of the best view in the island.

Ji by the sea

Besides all the lavish yet ethnical hotel properties, Tugu Hotel Bali keep the Balinese heritage stories in their Bale Puputan museum. This museum collects many historical objects, antiques and photos from the famous Puputan War era from 1906, it’s dedicated to glorifying Balinese resistance in the Puputan. Entering this museum I can feel the mystical atmosphere of this room, it’s just like we know how the Puputan War occurred.

Bale Puputan also have a dining function, guests can have the private dining here, experience the elegant imperial dining of the Balinese kings and the royals. Celebrating Bali of the 19th century.

Tugu Hotel Puputan 1

After all Tugu Hotel Bali, which part of Tugu Hotel Group and a member of Secret Retreats give a Balinese and Javanese legacy so illustrious into every part of the hotel. You will not find the utmost authentic yet ethnically Indonesian theme hotel in any of the world. This concept, idea, and architecture are pure original, combining of hotelier professionalism with local charm.

Tugu Hotel successes to maintain the concept by prove it as after twenty years they still exist. It’s absolutely lives up it’s name as one of the known sampling of paradise.


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