Artotel Sanur – Bali

Artotel, is a hotel that present an enticing pallets of art inspired hotel. A resort that combining art with coziness.

The newly constructed hotel highlights a balanced blend of modern architecture and local charm in a design concept that employs traditional balinese kites as a signature element.

Entering this hotel, your eye will fascinating with void made from pieces of wood that shapes kite, local people called as “Hotel with 1000 kites”. With a stunning skylight, at the anchor area, you will impress by artworks in artspace in lobby area.


Artotel is a fearless concept hotel in cultural hubs. The boutique hotel is currently located in Sanur area. Daring and unique, Artotel is inspired by and features lashings of original artworks by Indonesia five resident artist – Ines Katamso, Natisa Jones, Kemal Ezedine, and Pintor Sirait. Guest can impress their artwork in all part of the hotel included the room.


Discover the art-infused 89 studio guestroom, each room completed with sumptuous amenities including 49” flat screen tv, and Dolce Gusto coffee machines. Head to the rooftop there is the swimming pool with breathtaking Sanur aerial view for an intimate ambience.

Each room appointed with warm and artistic furnishings, authentic and stunning woodwork and sculpture or mural artwork that give each space a fresh and modern yet homey vibe.

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ROCA Restaurant, completing Artotel four-star facility. This is an urban chic designed with range of international and national dishes. Their Iga Rica – Rica and Rendang should be your ‘must-try’ list food when you are here.
Positioned in front of the hotel, this is a smart way to invite walk in guest or pedestrian to come to the restaurant.

As the exquisite accommodations, Artotel are complete with the friendly and attentive service staff.

Here is the resort that gives a freshness in Sanur.

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