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ASEAN Energy Business Forum 2023 Officially Opens: Collaboration to Drive Energy Progress

The eagerly awaited ASEAN Energy Business Forum (AEBF) has started in Nusa Dua, Bali. It is being held in conjunction with the 41st ASEAN Energy Ministers Meeting (AMEM-41). AEBF 2023 is a forum that gathers representatives from industry, government, and academics to discuss energy and environmental issues.

Spearheaded by the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (MEMR) of the Republic of Indonesia in collaboration with the ASEAN Centre for Energy (ACE), the forum fosters dialogue, collaboration, and innovation in finding sustainable energy solutions. Scheduled from 24 to 26 August 2023, the platform is expected to catalyse the energy sector.

The opening day began with a joint Opening Ceremony of the 41st ASEAN Energy Ministers Meeting (AMEM-41) with the ASEAN Energy Business Forum 2023. In his opening speech, Arifin Tasrif, Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, Republic of Indonesia, said that the AMEM-41 and AEBF are important forums and would not have been successful without the excellent collaboration between Indonesia as ASEAN Chair and the support of all ASEAN members and the ASEAN Centre for Energy (ACE).

“ASEAN member countries are obliged to improve their technology, capability, capacity, and expertise to support the energy transition target in our country, as well as the target of the ASEAN Plan of Action of Energy Cooperation (APAEC). This commitment is the foundation towards NZE and a guideline for needs such as technology, financing, infrastructure, and others,” Minister Arifin added.

Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Arifin Tasrif also said that in addition to the clean energy transition to achieve the NZE target, equally important energy issues are resilience, security, and access. These pillars will accelerate energy connectivity to achieve sustainable ASEAN growth.

AEBF 2023, with the topic “Accelerating Energy Connectivity to Achieve Sustainable ASEAN Growth,” is playing important role. The event supports the Indonesian Chairmanship’s vision to make ASEAN the centre of regional and global economic progress, thus paving the way for sustainable growth and development.

According to Dr Nuki Agya Utama, Executive Director of ACE, efforts to drive the energy transition are making significant progress. The ASEAN Energy Business Forum (AEBF) 2023 can be a crucial solution and link, facilitating the relationship between energy businesses and industries with the governments of ASEAN member states.

“This forum is crucial in facilitating stakeholder discussions on important energy-related issues. By promoting cooperation and collaboration, we strive to identify solutions that benefit the ASEAN region, including technological advancements, ensuring reliable energy supply, and gaining new insights in this area,” Dr Nuki said.

He also emphasized the importance of ACE’s role as ASEAN’s leading think tank in the energy sector to emphasize the importance of discussions on energy security, sustainable and accessible energy options, and the undeniable business value of these sources.

Meanwhile, Dr Andy Tirta, Corporate Affairs Manager of ACE & Chair of AEBF 2023, said, “The forum was designed to foster collaboration among ASEAN countries to address emerging challenges in the energy sector. The forum addressed topics related to the ASEAN Plan of Action for Energy Cooperation (APAEC) Phase II: 2021 – 2025.”

Securing ASEAN’s future requires significant energy investments. ACE’s efforts to promote such investments are commendable. The AEBF event provided a valuable platform for stakeholders to collaborate and exchange ideas in driving ASEAN’s energy agenda.

In the AEBF 2023 Press Conference, Dadan Kusdiana, Secretary General of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources of the Republic of Indonesia, said that energy interconnectivity infrastructure in the Southeast Asian region is an important key to energy transition and achieving sustainable energy security of ASEAN member countries through cleaner, stable and affordable energy.

“In addition to promote energy efficiency and energy conversion technologies to increase the use of renewable energy and energy management technologies, meeting with business people, partners, and international organizations that focus on energy at the AEBF and AMEM-41 forums will accelerate the energy transition in the ASEAN region, each of which has its own uniqueness,” said Dadan.

The government welcomes new forms of cooperation and partnership initiatives to ensure an equitable and affordable energy transition for all ASEAN peoples. The ongoing trans-ASEAN gas pipeline (TAGP) and ASEAN electricity grid (APG) platforms will accelerate the clean energy transition and enhance energy security.

Adding to the dynamics of AEBF 2023, the ASEAN Green Transport Rally was successfully held and ended its journey in Nusa Dua, Bali. The rally covered a route from Jakarta to Surabaya before reaching Bali and took place from 20 August to 24 August 2023.

A fleet of eco-friendly vehicles participated in the rally, including biodiesel-fuelled vehicles, electric vehicles (EVs), and hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs). Not only showcased eco-friendly vehicles, but also underlined our commitment to diverse technologies and sustainable fuels. ASEAN energy ministers witnessed the end of the rally.

As the AEBF 2023 continues, it is a testament to the ASEAN region’s dedication to developing sustainable energy solutions and driving a more resilient and prosperous energy future.

AEBF 2023 is supported by Dyandra Promosindo as co-organizer, as well as main sponsors: PT Pertamina, Tenaga Nasional Berhad, PLN, and SARAWAK ENERGY, along with other session sponsors and partners.

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