Authentic Indonesian Food at Tijili Seminyak

Go around lunchtime to the Kakatua Tropic Lounge at Tijili Seminyak Hotel. Located in the heart of Seminyak area, Tijili does not call out to passerby with neon lights, but with it’s a hard to miss façade and colorful unique artistic interior.

Have yourself a comfortable seated at their Spinning Pizza Patio, and be faced with authentic Indonesian favorites such as, simply said, a-must try Nasi Goreng Bebek, since this new added dish hasn’t decide yet what is the official menu name.

The chefs at Tijili Seminyak combine the region’s most sumptuous traditional recipes. The national dish of Indonesia nasi goreng commonly said fried rice, is distinguished from other Asian fried rice recipes by its aromatic, earthy and smoky flavor, owed to generous amount of caramelized kecap manis (sweet soy sauce) and ground powdered terasi (shrimp paste) that created golden brownish color cooked with stir frying technique.

What make this Indonesian famously dish become more special than the others is the fragrantly nasi goreng, combine with crisp yet crunchy shredded duck in a mixture of mild spices, topped with sambal matah. The duck skin is supremely crisp and the well-done flesh, and all the richness preserved. A well-seasoned duck that’s crispy, whether frying is standard fare or a guilty pleasure, there’s no denying that deep-fried foods taste good. An amazing sambal matah made from shallot, chili, torch flowers, and coconut oil add condiments as add-on upon the fried rice.

To complete this authentic cuisine, pickles are added to give sour freshness in otherwise rather oily dish, including shrimp crackers to give a crispier texture. It combined fresh, salty, and spicy flavors all at the same time in this Balinese hearty dish.

Written by Gaby Nareswari


For information & reservation:

Tijili Seminyak Hotel

Jl. Drupadi No.9, Seminyak, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361

Telepon: (0361) 4741888

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