Bali Dynasty Resort continuously reaches out community through Solemen Indonesia

In regards to our commitment to helping and supporting people with disabilities and disadvantaged people in Bali, Bali Dynasty Resort continues to support people in need. Under the program, ‘” Help Friends for Life” in partnership with Solemen Indonesia, Bali Dynasty Resort had recently done a monthly charity activity by donating a wheelchair for kids and some groceries for our Solebuddies who are currently staying at Bali Dynasty Resort’s recovery center.

Those donations had been successfully collected and delivered to Solemen’s Outreach program for one of our Solebuddies who needs a wheelchair and to Bali Dynasty Resort’s Recovery Centre to fulfill the daily groceries need.

These charity projects are successfully delivered to Solemen Indonesia because of our loyal guest participation through our charity account that has been collected from the program $2 per night and Quiz Night every Tuesday and Thursday at 07.30 PM at Gracie Kelly’s.

Providing Kids Wheelchair for Samsia

Samsia is a teenage girl who has currently been taking taken care of Solemen for several years. She is severely impaired due to cerebral palsy and epilepsy. She lives in a suffering condition within a rubbish collector village. She is now living with her mom. Samsia needs a kids wheelchair to help her.

Groceries for Bali Dynasty Resort’s Recovery Centre

In June 2019, Bali Dynasty Resort has been able to fund a care facility that replicates a nurturing home environment that provides the necessary assistance and resources required to keep families together before, during, and after medical treatment. Currently, our recovery center has been able to accommodate a number of kids and people with disabilities who are all staying in our six rooms.

Bali Dynasty Resort is still committed to helping people in need by successfully delivering daily groceries for our Solebuddies who are currently staying at the centre.

Bali Dynasty Resort collected donations from our charity account and our various charity programs. Through those collected donations, Bali Dynasty Resort has been able to help people with disabilities, disadvantaged people and many more!

We’d like to thank to everyone for their kindness and generosity in supporting all of our worthwhile charity projects

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