Bali, February 8th 2017 – Hatten Wines received the region’s most revered wine industry accolade from the Asian Wine Review.

The 2017 Asian Wine Review published by Hong Kong’s Asian wine authority, The Flying Winemaker, is announcing the results of the Review’s judging in Hong Kong: Hatten Wines, Bali’s own winery is this year’s Winery of the Year. With Best Sparkling Winner award for Hatten Wines Tunjung Sparkling Brut with 97 points, Gold Medal for Hatten Wines Jepun Sparkling Rosé, Silver Medals for medium sweet and fruity white wine Hatten Wines Alexandria and also the sweet fortified wine Hatten Wines Pino de Bali, and bronze medals for Hatten Wines Rosé and dry white wine Hatten Wines AGA White , in the same year, Hatten Wines has reached the pinnacle of Asian wines best status.



The revered booklet celebrated for presenting Asian wines to the Wine Industry, connoisseurs and amateurs, is at its second publication. The Asian Wine Review is an essential part of the continued growth of the Asian wine industry. We would like to thank all the sponsors who partnered on the 2016 edition. Their commitment to the advancement of wine production in Asia plays a large role in the future of this exciting region.

Publisher Eddie McDougall is an award-winning winemaker, wine judge, columnist and host of the acclaimed 13-episode TV series The Flying Winemaker on Discovery Network’s TLC. In 2012, Eddie was named one of the Top 20 People ‘Changing The Way We Eat and Drink’ by Time Out Hong Kong.

Eddie McDougall’s background notes for the Asian Wine Review begin with a simple statement: “In 2016 it’s hard not to take Asian wines seriously. In the short span of four years, the wines have dramatically improved in quality, as proven by the gold and silver medals awarded at elite competitions. Because of this I was compelled to give these wines a platform to be recognized annually in the Asian Wine Review.”
Hatten Wines had great results for the first year of the booklets publication with, a Best Trophy at 97 points for Pino de Bali, Bronze medals for Jepun Sparkling Rosé and Tunjung Sparkling Brut as well as for Aga White.

Notes on Hatten Wines

Defying the popular notion that growing grapes and producing quality wine in the Asian tropics is near impossible, Hatten Wines has managed to establish a successful wine trade while gathering some international recognition. Founded in 1994 by Ida Bagus Rai Budarsa, the first and only true Balinese winery, Hatten Wines brings a taste of Bali to hotels and restaurants tables all over Indonesia. Voted in the top 10 for fastest improving producers in Asia, Hatten Wines is committed to international standards of quality and taste.

The old concept is that hot climates are not favorable for grape growing, but as the owner of Hatten Wines points out, “what is most important for vines is underground water, which we have in our vineyards. The pergola system we use takes care of providing shade to the grapes – and workers and allows us to have a few varieties of grapes which are not traditional wine grapes, but have made us some great wines over the last 2 decades.” Hatten Wines uses local grapes to produce its wines, from its own vineyards in North Bali (Buleleng Regency). In its own vineyards, Hatten Wines grows the local black grapes – the Alphonse Lavallée French table grapes and white grape varieties (Belgia and Probolinggo Biru). These varieties are grown in vineyards along the North Coast of Bali, and need no dormant periods as wine vines do, hence the possibility for Hatten Wines to produce wines yearlong. It is at the winery in Sanur, where the knowledge and experience of Australian Winemakers James Kalleske come into play. This solid team of the Australian artist winemaker and Balinese owner, have now two brands under their watchful eye.

In 2011, in its participation at the Singapore Wine Style Asia, Hatten Wines was awarded Silver and Bronze medals for Alexandria its semi sweet Muscat and the two Pineau des Charentes methods called Pino de Bali. Previous medals and accolades include a commendation for the Rosé at a Portuguese competition and a Bronze medal at the London Wine & Spirits Competition in 2003. In April 2012, Hatten Wines comes home with a medal at the Wine & Spirits Asia Wine Challenge in Singapore, winning a Silver medal for its dry white wine Aga White. In 2013 Hatten Wines celebrated another milestone in its international achievements, with the winning of 4 Gold Medals and 1 Silver Medal at the China Wine and Spirits Awards 2013, in Hong Kong. The Gold medals were awarded to Hatten Wines Rosé, Alexandria, Tunjung Brut Sparkling and Pino de Bali, whilst the silver medals went to Aga White, the dry white wine. Jepun Sparkling Rosé has been awarded a Silver medal at the Œnologues de France’s 2014 Mondial du Rosé in Cannes. All the award winning wines are made strictly with grapes grown in North Bali, either in the company’s own vineyards or from private vineyards with which Hatten Wines has management agreements.
In 2017, Hatten Wines add another major accolade to its name: Winery of the Year 2017 and Best Trophy Winner by the Asian Wine Review. The Best Trophy wine is “an extraordinary wine, deep and complex showing all the characteristics expected of a classic wine of its variety. Wines of this caliber are worth a special effort to find and are the best products in their category”. The Winery of the Year award goes to the winery which is most consistent in delivering excellence in taste and overall balance for several wines. The Asian Wine Review is published by The Flying Winemaker from Hong Kong and judged by field experts in a blind tasting. In 2017, over 300 wines of over 100 Asian wineries from 9 countries were judged, making this review a noteworthy bible to Asian wines.

Hatten Wines’ range includes its famous semi-dry Rosé, dry white Aga White, light red Aga Red and the award winning floral Muscat Alexandria. The range also includes a white and rosé sparkling, Tunjung and Jepun named after Bali’s beautiful water lily and frangipani flowers. The Pineau des Charentes method delightfully sweet fortified wines Pino de Bali in red or white, offer a sweet desert wines to Bali’s tables. In the last years, Hatten Wines has also embarked on another venture, introducing Australian wines to Bali, by importing juices vinified in Bali. The brand Two Islands, reminiscing of the relationship between Bali and Australia, is an Australian palate tailor made collection of wines offered in Bali. The assortment includes a lively and fresh Chardonnay, a floral and fruity Riesling, a ruby red peppery Shiraz and a full bodied, fruity flavoured Cabernet Merlot. Added in 2014, new Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir wines of the Two Islands range are found around the archipelago in restaurants, hotels and wine shops.

Launched in 2016, four more wines join the portfolio of the company: Two Islands Reserve. The first Premium wines of Indonesia, the Shiraz from Barossa, the Chardonnay from Adelaide Hills, the Cabernet Sauvignon from Coonawara and the Sparkling Pinot Noir Chardonnay, Méthode Traditionelle Brut, Adelaide Hills/Limestone Coast, are from Australia’s best regions, from single vineyards, have been barrel selected and aged long.

The three still wines are fully matured in French oak barrels, and went through a barrel selection. Therefore only the A grade barrels have been used for the reserve blends and the B and C grade barrels go to standard Two Islands range.

Hatten Wines welcomes guests in its vineyards at its new Welcome Center and Observation Deck. Visit Bali’s own vineyards, taste the award winning wines and enjoy the beauty of Bali’s North Coast.

Hatten Wines wine tasting and wine shop, The Cellardoor, is opened 7 days a week at The Hatten Wines Building in Sanur, Bali, and 5 days a week in Kemang, Jakarta. Visit to see the growing collection of signature wine accessories.

Celebrating 23 years of Winemaking in Bali!

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