Danny Chaney, our iconic grill MasterChef celebrates nineteen years of his culinary journeys at Henry’s Grill & Bar in South Kuta launching a special “Meat the Chef – A Culinary Journey” promotion.

To mark his nineteen years culinary journey, Danny Chaney and his team fusing the classics and trends from the very first menu he ever cooked to the famous dry-aged method used at Henry’s among others.

At the start of his career at the Beachview Country Club Florida, Danny began his affection for steaks with a classic steak tartare. Nineteen years later, Danny altered his menu with the dry-age method which adds more flavors and more tenderness to each meat dish. His secret recipe also adds the profile and citrusy-feel on every bite.

Baked Beets

The “Meat the Chef – A Culinary Journey” promotion is available at Henry’s Grill & Bar from 1 to 10 September 2019, introducing six remarkable dishes. These dishes taking inspiration from Danny’s approach to steak cooking methods, with imported high-quality meat & other delicacies.

The menu includes Australian Grilled Beef Tenderloin, Danny’s version of Steak Tartare on Toast, Baked Beets, Crispy Pork Belly Sliders with charcoal buns, Grilled Pork Chop with curried eggplant and tzatziki, and Seared Barramundi with charred corn salsa and garlic aioli.

Grilled Beef Tenderloin

To enhance the culinary experience, Henry’s Grill & Bar will also launch a Steak Academy on the 4th Of October to be organized regularly every first Friday of the month with a certificate for each participant. An exciting reward will be given to any guest who has collected five steak academy certificates.

Crispy Pork Belly Sliders

“We want to escalate our guest’s culinary experience with the steak academy. Here, we will explain everything in detail about beef, steak and wine pairing, steak and beer pairing, and many more,” says Danny. “Steak is not just grilling meat, but also gives soul to the dishes itself. And we will explain the technique as simple as possible, so it is easy to remember for all participants” he adds.

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