Discover the Magic of Bali through Dance, Music and Cuisine

The InterContinental Bali prides itself on preserving and showcasing the island’s cultural heritage and artistic legacies through a range of fascinating guest experiences. Taking place each Saturday evening the Magic of Bali is a tantalizing feast of traditional dance, music and culinary delights.  

Offering an authentic celebration of heritage cuisine, guests can witness the spit roasting of babi guling (suckling pig) a famous Balinese specialty from 4pm. The evening gets under way with pre dinner drinks accompanied by a performance of Barong Dance, one of Bali’s most iconic dance-dramas. It tells a classic 12th century tale of good vs evil. The Barong, a lion-like creature with long mane and ornate fanged mask represents the forces of good who protects the kingdom from the evil doings of the demon queen, Rangda who rules over the spirits of darkness.

Tasty appetizers are artfully presented in a Keben – a Balinese basket made from woven bamboo used for temple offerings and include Siap Sisit Kecombrang – shredded chicken with red lemongrass and Tum Be Pasih – steamed fish in banana leaf. An exquisite buffet is laden with more delicacies including succulent babi guling served traditional style with Balinese sausage and mixed vegetables, ayam betutu – spicy roasted chicken, jagung bakar lalah manis – grilled sweetcorn with sweet spicy sauce. A dessert station offers a delicious selection of Balinese cakes and sweets.

Sekar Jagad, a traditional welcome dance performed by women, which translates as ‘fragrant flowers of the world’, accompanies dinner. A gamelan orchestra provides a rousing accompaniment. Final performances for the evening include Cendrawasih, a mesmerizing dance portraying the majestic bird of paradise, while the lone dancer in Margapati represents the lion, king of the jungle.

The Magic of Bali is IDR 600,000 per person and takes place in the elegant surrounds of Taman Gita each Saturday between 6.30 –10.00pm. Recently renovated this stunning venue pays fitting homage to its island location and is adorned in Balinese ornaments and artifacts. An idyllic setting for a cultural event, Taman Gita translates as ‘heavenly garden of music’ and its elaborate wall reliefs depict musicians playing amidst flowers and trees of a divine garden.

Please contact us for reservation, or more information on unique cultural events only at InterContinental Bali.

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