The President of the Republic of Indonesia, Ir. H. Joko Widodo symbolically inaugurated the Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK) statue by signing on the ark and siren, accompanied by Indonesia’s Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs, General TNI (HOR) (Purn.) Luhut Binsar Panjaitan, Indonesia’s Tourism Minister, Dr. Ir. Arief Yahya, M.Sc., Bali Province Governor, Dr. Ir. I Wayan Koster, M.M., President Commissioner PT Garuda Adhimatra Indonesia, MayGen TNI (Purn) Sang Nyoman Suwisma, and President Commissioner Alam Sutera Group Haryanto Tirtohadiguno and guests of honor at Bukit Ungasan, Badung, Bali, today.

The GWK Statue inauguration culminates the process of GWK statue construction. The event held by GWK Cultural Park, corporate subsidiary of PT Alam Sutera Realty Tbk (Alam Sutera), is themed “Merajut Indonesia Esa” by presenting a cultural traditional performance with 300 dancers composed by Prof. Dr. I Made Bandem, a dancer, artist, writer and teachers born in Bali, well known as “Joe Papp of Bali”. The night also presents Bumi Gamelan Orchestra lead by I Wayan Balawan, Balinese born guitar maestro and ethnic music. The event festivities and pomp is highlighted with performance by Putri Ayu, Duta Cinta, laser and fireworks shows and video mapping themed “Kemilau Indonesia” during the evening.

“I hope the GWK Statue can be enjoyed by the public, and becomes an icon and pride for all Indonesians, bringing positive impact to this nation and, specifically, contributes to improve the Balinese community social economic aspect,” says Mayjen TNI (Purn) Sang Nyoman Suwisma.

The magnificent and elegant event for the statue inauguration marks GWK Cultural Park’s readiness become what Alam Sutera has projected, which is to be an international scale multi event venue.

Alam Sutera Group is fully committed to continue to complete the GWK statue construction until finished. This commitment is dedicated to realize the dreams of Bapak Joop Ave 28 years ago and the Indonesian people who have waited so long. Various refinements and technical and non-technical process done by Alam Sutera Group in cooperation with various parties to perfect the construction and develop the GWK Cultural Park area as the best cultural destination in Bali.

“We realize that the statue construction process was not easy, therefore during the development, Alam Sutera ensured synergy with Bapak Nyoman Nuarta, consultants and contractors to combine each if their skills in art, science, and technology give way to the triumphant completion of the GWK statue, the proud icon of Indonesia within less than 5 years,” says Bapak Haryanto Tirtohadiguno.

Alam Sutera will develop GWK Cultural Park, covering a total of 60 hectare land, as a cultural destination with its GWK statue, also to accommodate cultural expressions through performances, held indoor and outdoor. GWK was designed comprehensively and is planned to be equipped with various tourism facilities, cultural center, garden, meeting rooms, restaurant, hotel and parking area that can be accessed by people from time to time.

The Garuda Wisnu Kencana statue which is this nations cultural icon has been completed. This statue is the biggest statue in the world and the third tallest in the world at present. The entire GWK statue stands at a total height of 121 meters, on a pedestal of 46 meter height. With wing span of 64 meters, this greatest Balinese icon stands proudly on the peak of Ungasan hill, inside the GWK Cultural Park area. In the future, aside from tourism and educational visits, the statue pedestal can also be used as a venue for various events.

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