Global Wellness Day Celebration at Hilton Bali Resort

Hilton Bali Resort teamed up with Mandara Spa for Global Wellness Day celebration on Saturday, June 9, 2018. The event took place at the resort’s Serenity Beach and was dedicated to celebrate the Global Wellness Day with an array of wellness activities.

Helping the world to realize that “one day can change your whole life”, the Global Wellness Day at Hilton Bali Resort started with Beachside Fun Walk in the afternoon while enjoying the ocean breeze along the hotel’s secluded white sand beach. Following after the walk, the guests were invited to join a simple exercise with healing mantra called Ra Ma Da Sa. This healing mantra is commonly practised to bring balance into the core of our energetic body and flood it with new energy. This special wellness event ended with a gentle yoga flow presented by a professional Yoga teacher that allowed guests to a calming session of the mind, body and soul. An array of refreshing herbal drinks including a traditional herbal drink or locally knows as “Jamu” are available after the session for guests to taste.

Global Wellness Day is a special day dedicated to the importance of living well, raising awareness for everything from exercise and beauty treatments to healthful eating and mindfulness. Global Wellness Day is celebrated around the world, including in 100 countries across 1,000 locations last year. This year, Hilton hotels around the world are participating as we know that every visit to a Hilton hotel contributes to our guests’ wellness journey by providing opportunities to rejuvenate, revitalize and reconnect.

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