Solo Exhibition by Rio Saren
Artwork theme: Awaiting Light
Exhibition date: Friday 6 May – Friday 24 June 2016
Open for the public from 10 AM – 6 PM
For information contact Griya Santrian Art Gallery
with Ibu Dayu di or (0361) 288 181

Sanur, May 2016 … Rio Saren in his solo exhibition presents art dominated by circle formats. Hs visual works show flowing forms, with a narrative distance, filled with deforms and ornamental tendencies which is visible in the works. This becomes the visible focus point in the visual works of Rio at present.


The series of framed works in his solo exhibition is themed “Waiting The Light” a term that represents a symbolic or metaphoric meaning about light in a larger sense. Rio’s inspiration on light especially the moon light is present in many of his works having a circle format, which goes beyond the form structure. As a sculpture artist, he has a deeper interpretation of the form, which is about the light inside that possesses a more comprehensive value of human. Light and darkness always come hand in hand. Light or rays only have meaning when darkness occurs. Light is a symbol of human hope, it has a universal side, because the issue of hope remains a constant problems for all humanity. How the human interprets light, essentially is a stimulus which is presented in the darkest niches of his work.

Similar to an essential idea that moves Rio’s creative process that just flows, for viewers that interpret his works, Rio attempts to invite them to flow in interpreting the meaning of life and living according to each hope horizons formed by the brain of the people who appreciate his works.

Behind the strong formalistic (forms) aspect of his works, eventually Rio does not stop at making his works interpreted from one side. If we see deeper, there are symbolic values in which he described the initial life and living. This brief writing is positioned as an entrance gate to enter interpretation and reading by those who appreciate Rio’s works. Join us to interpret and have a dialogue about moon rays in Rio Saren’s works.

Rio Saren originates from Bali, born on November 10, 1981. He graduated from Fine Art and Design Faculty of Art Institute Indonesia (ISI) Denpasar.

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