Hard Rock Hotel Bali is excited to announce its most recent action toward fostering sustainable tourism with the installation of cutting-edge glass bottling technology for drinking water. This is to reduce the hotel’s carbon footprint and remove single-use plastic bottles. 

The 9th of January marked the launch of the project, which began with the replacement of plastic water bottles with sealed glass bottles in all 418 guest rooms and suites. In addition to routine laboratory testing, the water bottling plant delivers the finest filtration that is capable of removing bacteria, particles and other contaminations through reverse osmosis and UV sterilization, thereby ensuring the quality of drinking water while maintaining the highest standard of safety and hygiene. 

In Bali and many parts of the world, the vast majority of plastic bottles end up in landfills, and the ocean, or are burned, generating air pollution that is detrimental to human health and the environment. With the automated water-bottling plant in house, Hard Rock Hotel Bali is able to eliminate more than 400,000 plastic bottles every year, as well as reduce the carbon emissions associated with transporting the plastic bottled water. The initiative will also extend to include restaurants and other facilities within the hotel.

“We have been working towards this important initiative for a long time in our aim to move away from all single-use plastic goods. I feel that now is the right time for implementation with the tourism industry in Bali recovering after nearly three years of the pandemic. This will be followed with the replacement of our single-use shower amenities to refillable pump bottles later in Q1 of 2023.” Said Shane Coates, General Manager of Hard Rock Hotel Bali.

Living up to the brand’s motto “Save the Planet,” Hard Rock Hotel Bali works tirelessly to maintain a sustainable environment and places a high value on social responsibility in order to preserve the beautiful island of Bali while minimizing the hotel’s negative impact on the environment.

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