The Bistrot launched a healthy food and beverages selection for its customers

SEMINYAK, BALI. MAY 2016. The Bistrot recently launched a new menu offering healthy food and beverages that are not only good for you but also tease your taste buds. “Bali has changed so much in the last decades, people are becoming more health conscious and really watch what they are consuming,” explained Zohra Boukhari, owner of The Bistrot, “We recognize this and have come up with our take on healthy food and beverages to offer to our customers.”

The Bistrot’s new Healthy Corner consists of a mix of fruits and herbs as well as selection of kombucha, fermented lightly effervescent sweetened tea drinks, that offers health benefits. The Tarmonic Apple Kombucha consists of turmeric, apple and lemon to boost the immune system as well as refresh your body.


Taking inspiration from the spices of Morocco and blending it harmoniously with the local produce, Zohra translates this beautiful marriage of flavor and texture into the new healthy food selection complements the list of award winning dishes offered by the restaurant.

“Our take on healthy food is more towards translating it into a beautifully plated dish that is not only appealing to the eyes but also your taste buds. Our chef has really taken this into consideration as he wishes to subtly introduce this to our patrons without pushing them away from what they use to have for lunch or dinner” said Zohra, “It can be a simple mix of couscous, fresh sweet corn kernels and a blend of spices that creates an explosion of flavor and texture in your mouth or as elaborate as an exquisite gluten free lime cream tart with grated coconut powder – that creates a beautiful dessert, indulgent but still healthy for you.”

These new menu options will be available for both lunch or dinner at The Bistrot. Other menu features the all time favorite Fillet Mignon au Poivre vert or the Grilled Slipper Lobster that have brought The Bistrot to the list of the top restaurants to visit in Bali.

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