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Idyllic Melasti Beach welcomes Minoo Beach Club

The Bohemian-inspired beachside concept set to open its doors in Uluwatu.

It’s on the southernmost point of Bali that you’ll find the soon-to-launch Minoo Beach Club. Meaning ‘heaven’ in Persian, Minoo Beach Club is a slice of paradise in the Bukit Peninsula. Settled alongside Melasti Beach in the pristine Ungasan region, the beachside venue is heavily inspired by the bohemian.

The Sendi A-designed venue will launch on July 1st, 2020. A 100 capacity restaurant will greet guests, joined by 38 sun loungers, a 15-capacity alfresco dining area. There’s also two impressive options in terms of cooling off – Minoo Beach Club boasts direct beach access, as well as a swimming pool.

Robby Fahmi Kurniawan is at the helm of the kitchen as head chef. He’s used his nine years of experience in the hospitality industry to sculpt a specialty menu which merges classic Western flavours with those of Asia, and has been created in collaboration with operations manager Caesario P. Putra.

In terms of the dining experience, the beach club takes ample inspiration from the local fishing industry. “Minoo’s food specialty is seafood, as the space on which the beach club sits was one a fishing village,” says Chef Robby. “It’s our history that we’ve used to draw inspiration for most of the menu, as well as its interiors – the restaurant itself is a former fishing boat”

Stand-out dishes for the new venue will include a ‘catch of the day’. Working in collaboration with local fisherman for fresh seafood, the venue will then be able to customise the fish in question to guests’ preferences, whether that be grilled, pan-friend, wok-fried or steamed.

In light of COVID-19, Minoo Beach Club has also introduced strict protocols to ensure the health and safety of its guests. Perhaps most importantly, venue capacity has been reduced by 50%, and guests will be required to wear a mask at all times except when eating and drinking. Regular hand washing will also be encouraged, cashless pay introduced, and temperature checks required on entry.

Team members are required to have their temperatures checked before entering their working environment, as well as adhere to social distancing and don protective equipment including face masks, face shields and hand gloves. The venue will also be thoroughly disinfected twice a day – before opening and after closing – with all high-touch surfaces additionally disinfected throughout to ensure that any experience of Minoo Beach Club is nothing short of outstanding.

Mȉnoo Beach Club
Jl. Penganyutan, Melasti Beach, Ungasan

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