John Hardy’s Fall 20 collection is a celebration of community, creativity and connection. With a reverence for artistry and expression, the latest collection revisits our signature designs, highlighting each of their unique traditional techniques infused with an innovative approach. Each piece is a work of art, harnessing the story and soul of the artisans that created it. From bold, statement pieces to fluid-like chain motifs or stones imbued with the raw power of nature, there is a sense of alchemy woven throughout each design.

Classic Chain: Women’s and Men’s

Designed to be worn alone or layered as you like, our iconic Classic Chain collection is all about self-expression. The simplicity of its meandering woven motif pushes the imagination with new iterations, such as the Asli link in a variety of explorations as well as when the traditional flat, oval weave is punctuated with raw, powerful stones for women and men.

This season, Asli Classic Chain is anchored in versatility and expressive qualities as depicted through sculptural and architectural-inspired cuffs and rings or featured as a decorative accent or functional clasp. A new evolution of the Asli link emerges, distilling the infinity motif to its core, graphic essence—which is a recurring throughout both women’s and men’s designs for an edgier look. This new approach to the Asli link is manifested into a key item for the season, the Asli Classic Chain Sautoir Necklace: one design, with infinite styling possibilities. Meticulously handwoven by a community of all-female artisans, this unisex design is meant to be worn—and loved—by all through their unique perspective.

Leaning into our rich heritage filled with a maximalist appeal, signature Classic Chain silhouettes take on fresh, dramatic textures. Inspired by the elusive play of shadow and light, new women’s Classic Chain items feature a combination of pavé-set blue and black sapphires and hand-hammered metals in silver and gold, interwoven with the Classic Chain motif. The men’s Classic Chain collection is recharged with mixed materials—including Black Onyx, Black Picture Jasper, and Sodalite stones that are hand-set for a harmonious combination of earthy hues, rich in contrast.

Legends Naga: Women’s

A reignition of Legends Naga’s richness, these emblematic talismans of protection are full of the movement and symbolic transformation of the mythical creature. Ocean waves converge with the dragon’s body and swooping tail, illustrating gestural magic carved into sculptural cuffs, medallion necklaces, earrings and rings. A stand-out design from the collection is an oversized cuff featuring intricate carvings of the Naga and scaled textures, which took master carvers four to six weeks to complete the initial wax carving. The carvings within this wearable piece of art are inspired by the metaphor of the Naga: the spirit of nature expressed through swirling and turbulent motifs, a nod to the elements.

Keris Dagger: Men’s

Imbued with strength and power, Bali’s traditional Keris dagger—equal parts weapon and spiritual protector—is honored through modern-day talismans for him. Highlighting the ornate shapes found along the edge of a Keris Dagger’s faceted blade, the beauty of Bali’s craftmanship is represented throughout a range of pendant necklaces, bracelets and oversized rings. This season introduces a new material complimentary to the Keris Dagger-inspired collection, Pietersite. Selected for its raw appeal and stormy color palette of deep blues and greys, Pietresite is often used by spiritual healers as a source of energy.

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