From Farm to Closet

KAPAS: From Farm to Closet by Sukkha Citta is being held from August 19th until November 30th, 2022atJohn Hardy Seminyak Boutique and Gallery.

Presented by Sukkha Citta, KAPAS is about the path towards a climate neutral fashion industry, leveragingIndonesia’s indigenous wisdom. Through this exhibition, visitors will be taken on a journey to find out where their clothes come fromFromFarmToCloset; it shows us how clothes can be grown with indigenous farming practices that heal the soil and mitigate climate change and what simple actions consumers can take to help change the industry.

Sukkha Citta talks about “losing touch with where things came from, with the journey things take before we buy them, with the makers, with the impact our choices have on the planet”.The KAPAS exhibition atJohn Hardy gives us an opportunity to connect back to process, people, and the planet. It’s a call to action that reminds us as consumers that we have a choice on what and how we consume, to be more courageous in our decisions and act responsibly.

Sukkha Citta looks to Indonesia’s indigenous knowledge to find sustainable solutions that has cultural connections and historical success. Through regenerative farming practices, education, and development of a fair market and profit to women artisans – Sukka Citta shows us models of inclusivity and equality as well sustainability.

Sukkha Citta is a B-Corp certified social enterprise based in Indonesia, building one of the world’s first regenerative farm to closet fashion supply chains – empowering rural craftswomen while protecting the planet.

John Hardy has been working towards sustainability since 1975, but never has there been a clearer call to action than right now. We must not only act but inspire others to reverse harmful practices that contribute to our current climate crisis. ​

At John Hardy we are committed to minimize our environmental impact from start to finish — from our suppliers, vendors, retailers, and most importantly ourselves. We commit to challenging ourselves to continuously improve our own practices and to share those learnings with the rest of the world to become a lighthouse for our industry. 

We recognize the many hands and communities that touch our jewelry. We advocate for quality over quantity, we opt for people over machines. We hope to showcase how ancient craft and modern technology can work together to create more regenerative beauty in the world.

During the exhibition at John Hardy Seminyak Boutique and Gallery a series of talks and workshop will be held for the community such as hands on weaving and embroidery workshops and a series of talks with topics including “Design for Impact” and “The Journey to Sustainability: How Everyone Can Make A Difference” led by Sukkha Citta Founder & CEO with their Chief Sustainability Officer, Creative Director and Chief of Craft.

Contact John Hardy Seminyak Boutique and Gallery for more information regarding dates and reservations for workshops and talks.

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