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Inspired from her culinary travels and zest for food, Ayu brought a
modern addition to Bali’s vibrant culinary world, aptly named “Menu Jalan Jalan. (MJJ)”. Launching in August 2020, Menu Jalan Jalan brings a unique, out-of-the-box eating experience for everyone, especially designed for the travelers who is craving for in-flight meals but couldn’t go anywhere by plane.

This Surabaya born lady has been living in Bali for more than 10 years recognise the difficulty of flight travels nowadays, and people who enjoy airplane meals are unable to have the same experience with the current global situation. With that in mind, she said, “the idea came up because of my yearning for travelling but stunted with the travel restriction because
of the COVID-19.”

Included in their delicious menu is the Nasi Lemak, a traditional Indonesian-Malay dish with Chicken Rendang spices. Another special on the menu is the Swedish Meatballs, a rendition what they have in IKEA, complete with its creamy sauce. All food items are made with organic products and without MSG. Other recommended items that will make you feel in-flight with every bite are the Roti Canai, Apple French Toast, and Hainan Chicken Rice. (All items are halal)

These in-flight meals are easily reheated, wrapped in tin-foil so it is very easy for the customer to enjoy their meal. All they have to do is reheat the food in the oven/microwave/steamer or even using the fryer.

With many kinds of cultural inspiration, MJJ keeps developing and innovating her food business by constantly improving and updating their menu. The assumption of “bad airline meals” in our mindset is another reason why she started this business. She wanted people to experience the best airline meals without going anywhere. Besides food delivery, they also plan to open a pop-up cafe with the same travelling theme and culture.

Last but not least, here is Ayu’s message for the “Corona entrepreneurs”:
“Don’t forget to spare a time to get a rest, no matter how busy you are. Don’t forget to have fun. Hopefully the world will get better soon!”
Feel in-flight with every bite as Menu Jalan Jalan (MJJ) delivers delicious airline-inspired meals without you going anywhere.

For more information, contact:
IG: @menujalanjalan
Ph: +62 812 3633 9528

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