Naga Eight Restaurant Launches Naga Yum Cha, a Cantonese Ritual of Dim Sum Sunday Brunch

Naga Eight is delighted to launch the release of its highly anticipated Naga Yum Cha Sunday Brunch, serving an array of traditional dim sum dishes paired with Chinese tea. Dim Sum means “touch the heart” in Cantonese, a unique culinary tradition that began thousands of years ago. The charming and casual ambience and the lush tropical garden of Naga Eight provides the perfect backdrop for guests to immerse themselves in the Sunday ritual.

Yum Cha is a traditional Chinese dining that typically involves enjoying a wide variety of tea and dim sum delicacies. While dim sum refers specifically to small bite-sized dishes, Yum Cha encompasses the broader cultural tradition of tea-drinking and enjoying dim sum in a communal setting as a social culinary experience.

Starting from IDR 188,000++ per person and IDR 88,000++ per child, guests can treat themselves to an array of delectable dishes with set menus. The meal begins with a choice of starter, including Hot and Sour Soup, Chicken Wonton Soup, Cucumber Salad, or Salt and Pepper Tofu The set menu offers a wide selection of 20 different types of Dim Sum, for the fried options such as the Crispy Prawn, Roasted Duck Spring Roll, Vegetable Spring Roll, Pan-fried Pork Dumpling, Mantou, Prawn Pancake, Chicken Wonton, Pork Wonton, Char Siu Mantou, and Sesame Prawn Toast. Other steamed Dim Sum options consist of Shrimp Ha Kao, Chicken Char Siu Bun, Pork Char Siu Bun, Chicken Siew Mai, Glutinous Rice with Chicken, Pork Ribs with Black Bean, Chicken Feet with Black Pepper, Butterfly Bun Pork Char Siu, Custard Cream Bun, and Chicken Shanghai Dumpling. To complement the meal, guests can choose from rice, noodles, or congee. And for a delightful inish, there are tempting dessert options such as a Fruit Platter, Mango Pudding, Guillingao, and Red Bean Ball.

In addition to the set menus, guests can also enjoy a wide range of a la carte dim sum options and selection from the best-selling items on the regular menu at Naga Yum Cha. Naga Yum Cha is a weekly event available every Sunday from 11:00 am to the 2:00 pm.

“We are thrilled to introduce our Naga Yum Cha to our customers,” said Wilma Macitra, Marketing Communication at Naga Eight. “We have dedicated extensive efforts to ensure that every dish on our menu embodies the palatable flavors of Chinese cuisine. Our aim is to deliver a memorable dining experience that truly captivates all the senses.”

Naga Yum Cha experience is now available for reservations. To explore the menu, make a booking, or learn more about the restaurant, please visit or call +62 81 237 888 089.

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