‘Teduh’ Solo Painting Exhibition by International Model Turned Artist Han Chandra Opens at ARTOTEL Sanur-Bali June 1st 2018

ARTOTEL Sanur-Bali is delighted to showcase the work of Indonesia’s young and upcoming artist; Han Chandra with his Teduh Solo Painting Exhibition starting June 1st at ARTSPACE.

‘Teduh’ means shady, quiet or calm. ‘Berteduh’ means to find shelter from the rain or from the heat of the day.

‘Follow your passion’, ‘reach for the stars’, and ‘dream and make it happen’ are samples of contemporary motivational jargons to keep pushing individuals to gain and achieve more. Achievements have become the major elements of identity; so strong they become the goals, the reasons, and the defining factors of who we are, and we pull ourselves not seldom over the limit. We are motivated to become the face of success to blend and find our place in the world that is obsessed with what we do and have done rather than who we are. Identity is not the cause but the effect. We are born to do, not we do what we are born for. Our existence is constantly questioned and achievements are the positive answers. Han Chandra’s naive paintings bring us to a rest stop to have a break for the inner child within each one of us that has been waiting for far too long for a good night sleep.

Han Chandra graduated from Lasalle College Jakarta majoring in Digital Media and Design. He also studied Design and Visual Communications at Maranatha University in Bandung, West Java. He pursued his career in modelling and for the past 7 years Han has walked for illustrious brands and designers across Asia (Jakarta, Bangkok, Vietnam and China) as well as scoring fashion campaigns for both local and international Magazine.

“Due to the nature of the job, I get to work a lot with people from different backgrounds and cultures. I care a lot about people and the world around me, I try to participate in voluntary works, especially for children and educational causes. The subject of humanity always touches me, that’s where I draw my inspiration from.” Han said. “I named this exhibition ‘Teduh’. During my life journey, I would find a place where I feel calm and it is represented by people around us who have given us comfort. When we’re down, they will always be there for us.” He added.

While currently busy pursuing a career in art, as a professional model Han is also listed with bona-fide modelling agencies in Hong Kong, Bangkok and Jakarta.

‘Teduh’ the exhibition curated by Venerdi Handoyo from Atreyu Moniaga Project opens for public from June 1st until July 20th 2018 at ARTSPACE ARTOTEL Sanur-Bali, Jl. Kusuma Sari 1 Sanur-Bali.

Han Chandra’s Awards & Accolades:

  • 2nd Runner up Mural Competition – Jakarta
  • Solo Painting Exhibition; Acrylic on Canvas in Ruang Seduh – Jakarta
  • Gold Medal Joy of Europe 7th Drawing and Painting Contest – Europe
  • World Peace Festival United Nations Day – India
  • Children Art Exhibition Honorable Mention – Czechoslovakia, Europe
  • 8th Annual United National Peace International Art Competition and
Exhibition – USA

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