Outstanding Indonesian school named Top 3 finalist for new $250,000 World’s Best School Prizes

Green School Bali makes final 3 for World’s Best School Prize for
Environmental Action

AnoutstandingIndonesian school has been named a Top 3 finalist for the new $250,000 World’s Best School Prizes, launched this year by T4 Education in collaboration with Accenture and American Express.

Green School Bali, a K-12 international school in Bali, Indonesia, which has woven environmentalism into the fabric of the school itself through a plethora of initiatives from bio buses to compost toilets, is a Top 3 finalist for the World’s Best School Prize for Environmental Action.

The five World’s Best School Prizes – for Community Collaboration, Environmental Action, Innovation, Overcoming Adversity, and Supporting Healthy Lives – celebrate schools everywhere for the pivotal role they play in developing the next generation of learners and for their enormous contribution to society’s progress especially in the wake of COVID.

The Prizes were founded by T4 Education in collaboration with Accenture, American Express, Yayasan Hasanah, Templeton World Charity Foundation, the Lemann Foundation, D2L, Mellby Gård, and Universidad Camilo José Cela, to share the best practices of schools that are transforming the lives of their students and making a real difference to their communities.

Vikas Pota, Founder of T4 Education and the World’s Best School Prizes, said:

“As the world looks to rebuild from the devastation of the COVID pandemic, far too many children will continue to be left behind unless we see urgent action on education. Leaders must learn from the knowledge and experience contained within our schools because those on the frontlines of education know better than anyone else the change we need to see.

“The World’s Best School Prizes surface the expertise of inspirational schools from every corner of the globe. It’s time for governments everywhere to listen to their voices.”

Peter Lacy, Global Sustainability Services Lead and Chief Responsibility Officer at Accenture, said:

“Accenture is proud to collaborate with T4 Education on the World’s Best School Prize for Environmental Action, which celebrates schools’ incredible efforts to empower the next generation to harness new technologies and innovative practices that tackle the global sustainability issues that impact us all. Through this prize, we aim to recognise the tools and techniques nurtured by schools and share them with a broad audience, enabling others to replicate their work and multiply the impact at speed and scale.”

“Congratulations to Green School Bali for being named a Top 3 finalist for the first ever World’s Best School Prizes. Teachers everywhere will be inspired by the example of this outstanding Indonesian school.”

Madge Thomas, Head of Corporate Sustainability at American Express, said:

“We are pleased to recognise students and educators who are taking action to protect the environment and their futures. As we at American Express work to advance climate solutions, we will continue to support programmes and partnerships like this one to help build more climate resilient and equitable communities.”

Next steps:

The Top 3 finalists for each of the five World’s Best School Prizes will now be entered into a Public Advisory Vote. Members of the public have until October 2 to tell judges who they think should win each prize at worldsbestschool.org/

The Judging Academy, comprising distinguished leaders all across the globe including academics, educators, NGOs, social entrepreneurs, government, civil society, and the private sector, will be presented with the results of the public advisory vote and will assess the finalists  based on rigorous criteria.

The winners will be announced on October 19 2022 at World Education Week. A prize of US$250,000 will be shared equally among the winners of the five Prizes, with each receiving an award of US$50,000. 

All shortlisted schools across the five Prizes will share their best practices during events at World Education Week and through School Transformation Toolkits that showcase their “secret sauce” to innovative approaches and step-by-step instructions on how others can replicate their methods to help improve education everywhere.

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