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Samasta Bali Launch New Online Dining Order “Samasta Click & Collect”

Towards the end of 2020, Samasta Bali has released a new online service for the visitors, namely “Samasta Click & Collect” which was officially launched on Saturday, December 5, 2020. This feature will make easier for our loyal customers to get food orders without leaving the vehicle and just waiting at our Samasta Lobby. The advantages of this service include the timing in processing orders that will be completed within a maximum of 30 minutes and there is an option to get the food: you can choose delivery food to Samasta Lobby or pick-up at outlet by yourself.

Willy Effendy as Center Director of Samasta Lifestyle Village said “Samasta Click & Collect service is part of the development of our consumer services amidst the current pandemic conditions. This service is specifically intended for F&B tenants in Samasta with a total of more than 300 menus that will be included in this service from 10 existing tenants. In addition, the entire process from cooking preparation to giving to consumers, we continue to prioritize health protocols according to the provisions of government regulations.”

Samasta Click & Collect has a very easy ordering system. Especially for Instagram users, you can click the link in the Instagram @samastabali Bio or Scan the QR Code available at the Samasta Lobby. After entering the order page, select the order and select the outlet. Then, consumers will be directed directly to the available menu. Choose your favorite food and drink and enter the order amount. Open the order basket and check the payment details. If so, press ‘Order’. Choose a serving method. Select ‘Delivery’ if you want food delivered to the Samasta lobby or select ‘Pick up’ if you want to take it to the outlet. Fill in the complete required data, then press ‘Next’. Complete the payment and you just have to collect your order.

In addition, the customers can get a variety of favorite menu choices with our special launching offer  with “Harga Gila” program. Such as Janji Jiwa iced coffee, only Rp. 2,000, – (two thousand rupiah) Gelato ice cream Rp. 5,000, – (five thousand rupiah) various choices of coffee from Tanamera only Rp. 10,000, – (ten thousand rupiah) and many more. Therefore, don’t forget to always follow Instagram Samasta Bali so you can enjoy this special offer. Information about Samasta and the latest programs can be accessed through www.samastabali.com as well as social media Instagram @samastabali and Fanpage and Twitter @samastabali.

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