-A local harvest for the soul-

An award-winning and vibrant oceanfront restaurant, Starfish Bloo, unveils its new menu presenting locally sourced seafood and garden-grown ingredients. Rollout starting February 1st, 2023, the venue offers an exclusive organic menu inspired by the bountiful offerings of the sea and plantation – straight to the table.

Assortment of Nigiri Sushi

Dive into a menu with a distinctively local flair. All the seafood is fresh from the Indian Ocean, freshly hand-picked vegetables are grown in our garden, and rice varieties are harvested from nearby paddy fields. Starfish Bloo aims to develop a plant-based menu with a focus on zero-waste dishes such as our pumpkin specialty, where every single part of the pumpkin is prepared to perfection from skin to seed.

Crowd favorites such as beetroot tortellini and softshell crab are followed by main courses such as seared local tuna steak with sesame chili oil or the mouthwatering grilled barramundi. Traditional fermented drinks such as the effervescent kombucha and high-protein kefir share a menu with locally grown coffee blends and teas. When it comes to dessert, cleanse the palate with home-grown carrots and chocolate or the remarkable pears with natural Balinese honey.

Beetroot Tortellini

The beverage program has a strong focus on the locally sourced, grown, and zero-waste selection of cocktails as a pledge to save our planet by reducing waste. When talking about zero-waste cocktails, we use leftover fruit skin, vegetables, and more – to create indulgent drinks.

Starfish Bloo draws inspiration from its rustic-yet-chic seaside surroundings. Lounge in oversized booths and soak up seductive ocean views over breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Tanks of undulating kelp, weather-beaten timber finishes, and dramatic and oversized columns set you pleasantly adrift.

Starfish Bloo – Exterior

“We are very excited to introduce such a locally produced menu right to your table, and we strive to stick to our commitment such as the sustainability approach to present the best quality of food and drinks yet delicious, whilst simultaneously doing our part to protect our planet,” said Norberto Palacios, Director of Culinary of W Bali – Seminyak.

He also added, “With the new concept and new menu, we want our guests to enjoy our culinary offerings in the local traditional way – shared with family and friends.” For more information, please visit our website at To book a table and make a reservation, please contact or call +62 361 3000 106.

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