Strathberry AW19 Collection

For AW19, Strathberry takes a plunge down the rabbit hole and explores the whimsical world of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, creating a fun and eccentric collection that takes inspiration from the author’s original illustrations.

Maple, Purple Potion and a very iconic Alice Blue, are the new exclusive hues chosen to enrich a bold colour palette representing an extravagant universe filled with charming textures and curious patterns.

Strathberry’s signature styles are beautifully embroidered with; rabbits, stars, clocks and are reinvented incorporating all the playful quirkiness that defines Alice’s bizarre world.

The East/West and Tote ranges are decorated with elegant satin weaving in an optical damier that echoes the surrealistic and peculiar vibe that permeates the entire collection.

Softer and curved shapes are introduced in the form of the Breve and Allegro shoulder bags, available in both bold and understated colour combinations, with the Allegro Micro being released as the brand’s first belt bag.

The collection also features more experimental and structured designs such as the Biscuit bag, which explores new creative ways of incorporating the brand’s signature bar, while the playful floral patterns add femininity and romance to the fantasy of this imaginative collection.

Launch – First Drop June Price Range – £275 – £795

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