The co founders of UVJF, Yuri Mahatma and Anom Darsana aimed to showcase jazz in its purest form to nourish the community and bring together international and local musicians from all over the archipelago. Successfully offering a “Beautiful Music for Beautiful Minds” theme, the event reflected the profound splendour and diversity, jazz can provide.

Co-founders Yuri Mahatma and Anom Darsana and our dedicated team continue to deliver a high class jazz line-up of local and international artists to the jazz-hungry crowds.

The 2017 Ubud Village Jazz Festival runs at the ARMA Museum Garden for two days on August 11 and 12. It once again reinforces its status as Bali’s foremost jazz festival, and one of the best in South-East Asia, thanks to a stellar line-up of musicians from around the globe.

The event, from the beginning, took on a relaxed atmosphere. The entrance was set up with Balinese mat used as the divider between the entrance and also as a photo wall of fame from last year’s shots. The field was set up into a giant concert place, while guests can enjoy the atmosphere by sitting down on the used wooden pallet, covered with Pandan mat, Pandan pillow and some bean bags. It felt like having a picnic, while watching the jazz performances. Yet, the committee arranged some chairs for the elderly.

The pathway of ARMA, was transformed into a food court, filled with tables and chairs surrounded by food and beverage booths. This unique concept was creatively designed by Archimetriz, architecture community, whom the Festival has cooperated together for years.

There were 20 booths, including the local product/handycrafts, music instrument exhibition, fashion (Balinese local product), merchandise, food and drinks, silver, VIP booth specially dedicated to our main sponsors and VIP guests, hotels, wine, internet booth and jazz bar.

This booth lined up from the entrance area. This year, the Ministry of Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises of the Republic of Indonesia participated by opening some stands for members of UMKM from various regions.

There is also a Balinese dancer painting, Barong on white cloth, the work of Komunitas Pojok, where the rest of the cloth is also used as a screen to showcase the video of the sponsors.

From the center point, guests are free to see the performance at 3 Stages (Padi, Giri, Subak). Subak is one of the stage which located in front of the museum with Balinese plants and big water jar.

The logo and the decoration were made from used materials, which we can easily found in daily life. Such as wood, pandan tray, white fabric, bamboo, hays, etc. Next to the center temple, a piece of long white fabric was placed to be used as a video mapping screen. The musicians transfered the positive energy to the crowd. People applauded and cheered after every song, and even take some pictures with the artist after the performances.

Meet and Greet
Meet and Greet of Ubud Village Jazz Festival 2017 by inviting all parties involved; the government , Dinas Pariwisata Gianyar, Klian of Ubud , Head of Ubud , sponsors , media partners, festival partners, the embassies representatives and the performers, was held at Mueseum Puri Lukisan on 8th August 2017 .

The event began with remarks by representatives of Ubud Village Jazz Festival committee , Mr . Heru Djatmiko. Followed by Festival Advisor , Mr . Rainier H Daulay , and Mr . DR . Ir. Tjokorda Oka Artha Ardhana Sukawati , MSI or more familiarly called Cok Ace .

Where Cok Ace himself was present as chairman PHRI Bali and Ubud representative of Ubud Royal Family . He took the change to officially open the Ubud Village Jazz Festival in 2017 .

UVJF 2017 also hosted Pre-Post Event concerts in various places around Bali from August 4 to 11, 2017, namely Vincent’s (Candi Dasa), Samasta, Movenpick Resort (Jimbaran), Casaluna, Bridges Bali, Plataran (Ubud), Ryoshi (Seminyak), Sheraton Kuta, Le Grande Uluwatu.

As part of the educational program, UVJF also held a worskhop, in collaboration with the Indonesian Institute of Music Program Denpasar Denpasar on August 11, 2017. Master classes are given by Gerald Clayton (piano), Joe Sanders (bass), Gregory Hutchinson (drums).

Rationale for the Event
The purpose for the event was to introduce people worldwide about music, specifically Jazz and its variety, not including other genres and also to bring a big message to the audience about the energy of Jazz and the idealism of the music arrangement itself.

Event Venue
The venue for UVJF 2017 was again held at ARMA Museum, Jalan Pengosekan, Ubud. A private property set on 6 hectares surrounded by trees and orchid collections, ARMA is also a museum and a resort. It is in a great location downtown among many other shops, restaurants, and businesses.
Tourists are welcome to walked in to the area and visit the museum or relax in the coffee shop.

A permanent temple is transformed into the main stage, which we called Giri Stage, bringing a good vibe for the background. Combining with the spectacular lighting and décor, it was a great spot to have people come and spend a couple of fun evenings out. The second stage

is Padi Stage, which was located on the right side of the entrance. The stage name itself represents the Rice plant, which is part of Balinese culture as farmers and also well known with its rice filed and its water system, Subak, which we implemented on the third stage.

Target visitors about 3500 people in 2 days was successfully achieved, 30% more than last year. Visitors consist of 40% of locals (tourists, residents of Bali) and 60% of foreigners (international tourists, expats). 60 % guest are international tourist and expats living in Bali and 40% are domestic tourist (mostly from Jakarta,Bandung, Surabaya and Jogjakarta) and local residents. The ticket price is IDR. 440,000 for 1 day and IDR. 660,000 for 2 days. We also sell Early Bird tickets in May-June at
special rates.

Artists Line Ups
The composition of the artist’s line ups is always 50% musicians from Bali, 25% national musicians, 25% international musicians, especially jazz musicians with original compositions and arrangements, and quite established and well know in the jazz scene. Ubud Village Jazz Festival is more for straight ahead jazz, classical jazz, modern and even avant-garde. Musicians are free to explore the music, and combined it with Balinese culture. This year, we have 8 countries participating in this festival: Netherlands, Germany, Indonesia, Australia, USA, Austria, Spain and France. Some bands were supported by their embassies with cultural exchange funds, through the Institute Francais Indonesia, the Embassy of The Netherlands, the Austrian Embassy and the Australian Embassy with the #Aussiebanget program.

Gerald Clayton trio was the highlight artist of UVJF 2017. This trio is able to get the attention of festival visitors and give real experience to the audience directly about the real jazz. The presentation of improvised piano accompanied by the bass line by Joe Sanders and drum rhythms by Gregory Hutchinson, made thousands of spectators lulled into enjoying their jazz game.

Sydney based, Steve Barry Quartet, became one of the most awaited show by the visitors. Steve, who is a Bell Award winner, came up with the modern concept of jazz. The arrival of Steve Barry Quartet is a collaboration with the Australian Embassy in Jakarta which carries the concept of music with #Aussiebanget.

Benny Likumahuwa, one of Indonesian jazz icon, performed on the 2nd day with his son, Barry Likumahua. They are joined in the band Benny Likumahuwa Jazz Connection. Rea arranged jazz standards were most of their repertoires. On this occasion, UVJF co founders Yuri Mahatma and Anom Darsana handed Lifetime Achievement to Benny Likumahuwa in recognition of his dedication in the jazz world. The performance of the Austrian duo, B. Good Vogel, is unique because the music they feature is a combination of backing tracks, drums and saxophones. The visitors were amazed by the variety of jazz music presented. The Austrian embassy took full supports to this cultural exchange.

Dutch vocalist, Maaike den Dunnen,successfully amazed the audience on day 2 of UVJF. Performed with local talents, she sang her own original compositions, such as City Ligjts, Photograph,etc. She was endored by the Embassy of the Netherlands.

French Saxophonist., Samy Thiebault, performed with his trio on The second Day at Giri Stage. They brought the original composition of their latest album “Rebirth”. One of the songs they play is rhythmic. Samy Thiebault trio was endorsed by Institut Francais Indonesia

This year UVJF presents Glen Buschmann Jazz Academy Big Band from Germany which consists of 22 musicians. Present as the conductor, Uwe Plath, who was awarded as Jazz Ambassador, who has bridged the Jazz in Europe and Bali.

The Big Band itself is a combination of lecturers and students. The audience is very enthusiastic to see their appearance. The appearance of UVJF co founder, Yuri Mahatma, along with his wife, Astrid Sulaiman, was one of the most anticipated performances. Collaborating with Czechoslovakia saxophonist Petr Kalfus and German trumpet player Matthias Bergmann, Yuri performed for a full hour on Padi stage. Brought a distinctive and original arrangement.

Balawan Batuan Ethnic performed a bit later in the evening This time Balawan invited young musicians as the rhythm sections, ranging from 13-17 years old. Balawan gives surprise by singing 1 cover song for the closing.

Subak, a smaller third stage, and a little sideways in the corners of Arma’s museum landscapes, gives a more intimate atmosphere between musicians and spectators. With Bamboo Gubug decor, the work of Luden House (Gede Sayur), the audience is invited to enjoy jazz from the other side. From this stage musicians Sandy Winarta, Ricad Hutapea, David Manuhutu, Emily and Siwei, Koko Harsoe and Underground Jazz Movement make jazz as if not distant with its audience. Performers of the festival were invited to attend a jam session at the conclusion of the festival where music was the language that broke all communication barriers.

Committee and Volunteers
Ubud Village Jazz Festival committee, consisting of just 8 people, have committed and dedicated their work, mind and more valuably, time, to create such a beautiful and unique festival. Volunteers join the team a month before the event to help with technical matters. It’s been a 5 year collaboration with SMK PARIWISATA UBUD. It might bring a brand new experience about the working world.

Festival Promotions
In terms of marketing this event, billboards, T-banners, posters and fliers were made and placed all around the downtown area of Ubud, Sanur, Seminyak, Candi dasa, Denpasar, in businesses, restaurants, and areas allocated for posters. As well, posters were put up all around the International school. Media releases were sent out to the local TV stations including, Bali Media TV, HardRock FM, OZ Radio, Radar Bali, Bali Advertiser, NOW! Bali, NOW! Jakarta, Ubud Community, Bali and Beyond, Jazzuality.com, Wartajazz.com, local newspapers , magazines, and online magazines . Two national Television stations reported the festival, NET TV and TVRI.

This year we also have the privilege to work together with Bali Airport as festival partners. Promotions they were placed in different locations three months prior to the event.

Tickets were sold at Antida, Loket.com, GoTIX, Raja Karcis.com, Hubud, Arma and to community groups. Ticket sales were 30% higher comparing to previous festival. 1500 tickets were sold, using credit/debit card and cash.

This year, the Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Indonesia (Pesona Indonesia) fully supports the implementation of the Ubud Village Jazz Festival 2017.
Ministry of Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises participated in support by bringing SMEs to its built-up products, namely Balinese cloth, Gelato Yogyakarta, silver, etc. Followed by Archimetriz, Plaga Wine, Top Coffee, Djarum, Embassy of the Netherlands in Jakarta, Embassy of Austria in Jakarta, Embassy of Australia, Institut Franchaise Indonesia and more. We were supported by the local communities who contributed in food, man power, design, cash,
advertising, printing, etc.

Production Cost
The total budget for the event was IDR. 2,150,000,000. The fund wasn’t enough to cover all of the cost. The fund was gathered from the sponsors, ticket sales, merchandise sales.

Event Execution
The event execution started at 3.30PM on Friday and Saturday. Thus, the gate was opened at 3 pm. Ten volunteers stood by at the ticketing and information booth, while the others checked the wrist band and the tickets and showed the path to the entrance. Three volunteers were responsible to assist the VIP guests to make sure they enjoy the VIP booths, including the food and wine. The Free Flow Wine by Plaga was held on 7.30-8.30 pm each day.

Assistant Deputy of Marketing and Personal Promotion of the Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Indonesia, Mr. Raseno Arya, SE opened the Ubud Village Jazz Festival 2017 event directly by giving a speech and hit the gong. Accompanied by the Chairman of Bali Hotel and Restaurant Association Bali Branch. Tjokorda Artha Ardana Sukawati (Cok Ace) and Mr. Rainier H. Daulay as Festival Advisor.

Event Evaluation
The event, overall, was a complete success. The booth vendors were thrilled with the food selling and were kind and courteous to the guests and went around offering them food menu with smiles. The volunteers kept the venue clean by picking up napkins and cups as they were discarded and
placed it in the trash bins provided by Eco Recycling, who separate organic and plastic trash into
different bins contributing to our “green” actions.

We had arranged parking space in Lod Tunduh area and coordinated with local transport to be shuttle transportation for the guests which effectively reduce the traffic jam around Arma/Pengosekan intersections.

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