UC Silver & Gold Bali Unveils The Biggest Silver Dragon Statue In Indonesia

Naga Sanga Amurwabhumi statue has been listed on the Guinness World Records for its record-breaking achievements as the biggest dragon statue made entirely from silver.

Bali is home to unique culture and arts, traditions that have been passed down through generations. UC Silver & Gold, the only jewelry gallery in Bali, felt the need to conserve and further promote the culture and arts of Bali as their home island. Hence the company initiated the crafting of the silver dragon statue, named Naga Sanga Amurwabhumi, which is an intricate work of art and a living testament that can serve to give foreign visitors a deeper appreciation of just how seriously and totally the Balinese people are dedicated to their traditional art.

The Sanskrit for “nine dragons that correspond to the nine cardinal directions”, the hand-made dragon statue has finally been completed after approximetaley five years of construction. The project was led by I Nyoman Eriawan, and it involved 25 young, skillful Balinese artists who applied traditional Balinese sculpting techniques to shape a total weight of 720kg of silver into the dragon statue that spans 20meters, 1.80 meters wide and 1.80 meters tall. Precious stones adorning the statue make it even more impressive.

The unveiling ceremony, themed “Our Legacy”, also marked the grand opening of Museum Naga or the dragon museum, where the silver dragon takes centerstage. “The unveiling ceremony, and grand opening of the museum, aim to showcase the UC Silver Gold’s manifesto as a family business that strives to highlight and promote the uniqueness, intricacy, beauty, and philosophy of the traditional arts of Bali, particularly sculpting, through our renowned silver and gold jewelry collection,” said Arya Sutedja, the marketing director of UC Silver & Gold.

“We want this statue to act as a reminder especially for the young generation of the Balinese to admire and be proud of their own art. We also wish for the dragon statue to inspire the next generation to create more works of art, and to preserve the unique art of Bali as a legacy that has been passed down through generations,” Arya concluded.



Jl. Raya Batubulan Gg Candrametu No.1





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